Electric Security Fencing: Is it Fool-Proof?

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Electric Security Fencing: Is it Fool-Proof?

  • 20 Mar 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Many people choose electrical fencing to secure their property. You could be planning to go the same route. But before that, it’s important to consider if the move is sufficient; whether electric fencing is foolproof or not. It’s worth noting that electric fencing in the residential segment, as opposed to the industrial sector, is much different. For instance, if you’re planning to install an electric fence around your property, you will have to ensure complete compliance with your local laws. In addition, you may even require permission from the local authorities. The base voltage transmission could be much less than what factories and commercial properties are allowed.

In that context, if the amplification sent through the wire is low, electric fence may not necessarily be the safest option. It should be deployed in conjunction with other perimeter protection measures. Besides, if you’re truly looking for maximum security, you shouldn’t just rely on one thing but rather the arrangement should be multitude with different things working together for the desired outcome.

Not “Fool-Proof” – Just like Any Property Security Solution


So, in a way, electric security fencing isn’t fool-proof – much like any other security solution. To that, unless you invest in the right quality e-fence from a good fence company, the chances of the fence failing for one reason or another can be high. In addition to installing an electric fence, you should also take various other steps. Like, install high-rise welded wire fence, have several CCTV cameras (with enough features like nigh vision) watch the perimeter 24/7, go for sensors, try IoT security solutions, and more. These are a few things that can add to the security of the property.

A lot also depends on the type and location of the property you’re trying to secure. For instance, if it’s a commercial property like factory, you can hire security guards as well. If it’s residential property, you can build a community of residents in your area to protect the neighborhood together through collective measures.

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