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  • Being a border fence manufacturer, we have developed two state of the art units for thermosetting and thermoplastic powder coating process.
  • If one is looking for a durable and decorative solution in coating, powder coating is one of the best technologies available right now. The thermosetting or thermoplastic resins form a constant and durable coat over the metal surface due to which the life of the product increases manifolds.
  • One of the best features of the powder coating is that one can use multiple colors, shades and gloss depending on requirement.
  • Items such as fence , fencing accessory like posts, clamps etc. are meant to stay outdoors and endure all the harsh factors like sunlight, rain, dust etc. Powder coating these products can prove to be invaluable an add on that it will increase its durability as well as aesthetic value .
  • We can meet coating standards of defense sector of Thermo plastic Powder coating / Thermosetting Powder coating conforming to EN-10245-1/IS-13871.

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