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Wires and cables are an indispensable part of offices and warehouse settings. However, they can be daunting and overwhelming at times to keep separate. Cables for TVs and laptops, printers and smartphones can take up a lot of unnecessary room. It’s also an eyesore in an otherwise well-organized space. Choosing the best cable management isn’t solely based on the purpose of your electronics and the installation process. Design also plays an important role, especially considering what is practical or fits best with the decor of your home or office. Designs range from minimalist to sleek to a decorative item that complements the decor. The main purpose of a cable-management system is to streamline a jumbled mess of cords, but you can also go the extra mile and choose systems that feature self-fastening ties or clips or entirely conceal cords—like a wall cover or desk organizer—to provide an orderly and spruced-up space.
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