Concertina Coil

Have distinct features that make them a highly effective security and perimeter defense solution.



1. Razor-Sharp Blades: Concertina coils are characterized by razor-sharp blades, which are designed to deter and injure intruders who attempt to breach the barrier.


2. High-Tensile Core: They consist of a high-tensile wire core that provides strength and durability to the coils.


3. Coiled Design: The coils are wound in a concertina or spiral formation, allowing for easy deployment and flexibility during installation.


4. Compactness: Concertina coils are compact when coiled, making them easy to transport and store before installation.


5. Modularity: They can be installed in sections or lengths, which provides flexibility in securing different areas and perimeters.


6. Variety of Blade Types: There are various blade types, including long barb, short barb, and flat wrap, to suit different security requirements.


7. Security Enhancements: They are often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as fences, walls, or surveillance systems, to bolster overall security.


8. Quick Deployment: Concertina coils can be rapidly deployed, making them valuable in emergency security situations.


9. Cost-Efficiency: Concertina coils offer a cost-effective solution for high-security perimeters, especially when compared to more complex security systems.


10. Visibility and Audibility: The distinctive design of the coils ensures that unauthorized entry attempts are both visible and audible.


11. Low Maintenance: Once installed, they require minimal maintenance, primarily limited to occasional inspections for damage or wear.

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1. BTO30

2. CBT 60

3. BTO 10

4. BTO 28

5. CBT 65

6. BTO 22

7. BTO 12


1. What is the available diameter of concertina coil?

The diameter of concertina coils can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and the specific security needs. Common diameters range from about 450mm to 1000mm. However, for specialized applications or custom orders, sizes can be adjusted outside this range.



2. What is the average opening length of concertina coil?

The opening length, or stretch length, of a concertina coil refers to the length it covers when fully extended. This can vary widely based on how tightly the coil is wound and its diameter. Generally, concertina coils can stretch to about 6 to 15 times their diameter, but this is highly dependent on the specific product.



3. What is the difference between barbed wire and concertina coil?


Barbed Wire: This is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand(s). It’s typically used to construct inexpensive fences. It’s easier to install and stretches over long distances.


Concertina Coil: This is a type of barbed wire or razor wire formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. It’s more compact and designed for perimeter and high-security fencing. It’s more challenging to cross and offers a higher level of security compared to standard barbed wire.


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