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Though the principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, warehousing solutions and weld mesh fence panels have evolved a lot. With new technologies, urbanization, and the ever-growing world of online shopping, warehousing has never been a hotter topic — so much so that there has even been a shortage of warehouse space and on-demand warehousing popping up. Our product covers most critical aspects of warehousing i.e., storage and security.

Our wire decks are robust and cost effective by design. It is much better than wood in every prospect. Wire decks is a very safe and efficient solution for any warehouse storage application. This design enables maximum air/light/water flow so light provides enhanced visibility and water flow helps in case of fire emergencies. These panels are very easy to install and due to powder coating the longevity of the product increases manifold.

Inventory visibility is possible real time due to its mesh design. Our product is almost maintenance free as there is no possibility of dust/dirt accumulation. A standard wire deck rests on the step part of the beam while part of the decking rests on top of the beam. Wire decking drops over the top of the beam and is held securely in place by edging.

Our wire mesh deck panel is an excellent alternative to wood and corrugated steel decks. It increases fire safety in your facility by allowing flow-through from sprinkler water systems. There is no dust or debris build up on the shelves because of the open mesh pattern thereby providing a cleaner work environment. Wire decking also provides a better visual of your inventory and helps illumination, air circulation and cooling of your facility. They are maintenance free, easy to install and constructed of durable strong wire mesh.


Pharma Industries

42″X46″ 67.3X107.64MM GI/POWDER COATED
48″X46″ 67.3X111.7MM GI/POWDER COATED
24″X46″ 67.3X107.64MM GI/POWDER COATED
42″x57″ 67.3X107.64MM GI/POWDER COATED

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