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Geogrid reinforcement of soil is used with soil so that soil can have a definite shape structure, proportion and strength. Soil weathering or erosion can be totally negated using our solutions and it can be used in following activities to contribute in the ever-growing layers of Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy and Real Estate industry. Not only that many natural disasters like flood or famine can be also avoided. Gabions can be used to stabilize shorelines, stream banks or slopes against erosion Other uses include retaining walls, noise barriers, temporary flood walls, silt filtration from runoff, for small or temporary/permanent dams, river training, or channel lining. They may be used to direct the force of a flow of flood water around a vulnerable structure. Also, as plant holders, retaining and boundary walls, the best part of it is, it doesn’t need any settling time or water and it gets stronger with time as the vegetation beneath and between the rocks starts growing and works as a natural binding material for the structure.

Due to this specialty it also works very efficiently near rivers as embankments or building blocks as it does not get affected by water or moisture on the contrary these factors helps in growth of vegetation beneath and inside the voids of the rocks making them stronger than ever. Some applications are :

  • Embankments and Soft Soils
  • Erosion Control
  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Roadway Improvements
  • Reinforced steep slopes
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landfill Construction

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