Fencing Accessories

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We provide all accessories for installation of fencing, including Posts, nuts and bolts. Our products also come in Pre-Galvanized, Post galvanized and Powder Coated types.
Following are the products we deal in –

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We have in-house production of these items, so we can customize, innovate and improvise as per the order, we are having a dedicated R&D team for the product development so that we can cater to every type of requirement. We also provide premium packaging of these type of products so that it could be shipped on a global level.

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Fencing Accessories

Barbed Arms

Description: – Barb wire arm is built to last and enhance the security of a chain link fence system with a minimal level of maintenance.

Details:- Post Sizes-2″ [1 7/8″ OD]- 2 1/2″ [2 3/8″ OD]

Rail Sizes-1 5/8″ [1 5/8″ OD]


Material-Galvanized steel/Aluminum

Barbed Arms upright

Description: – Its arm extends at straight up to help deter intruders and maximize security.

Details:- Post Sizes-1 5/8”- 2 1/2″ [2 3/8″ OD]

Rail Sizes-1 5/8”


Material- Galvanized steel/Aluminum

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Description:- Receives top rail through the loop. Loop is offset to facilitate consistent centreline of top rail. Top Loop Caps fit atop line posts in a chain link fence.

Details:-Post size-(OD-1 5/8″-2 3/8″)

Rail Size- (OD-1 3/8″-1 5/8″)

Material-Steel/Aluminum /galvanized.

Types:-a) Standard Loop Cap.

b) Line Post Loop Cap.

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Male Hinge

Description: – The post hinge is galvanized steel hinge that attaches to the terminal or gate post and allows the gate to swing open and closed. The male strap hinge usually attaches to the gate post while the female hinge secures to the upright of the gate frame.

Details:- Post Sizes-1 3/8”-3”

Pintel Sizes-5/8”


Material-Galvanized steel/Powder Coated

Female Hinge

Description: – The frame hinge is galvanized steel hinge that attaches to the gate frame and works with the post hinge in attaching the gate to the gate post. Sizes of posts and hinges will depend on size and weight of gate. Bolts are not included. Fits 5/8″ Pin.

Details:- Post Sizes-1 3/8”-2”

Pintel Sizes-5/8”


Material-Galvanized steel/Powder Coated

Razor Wire Coil for Fencing

Description:- Line Rail Clamp, also known as a Boulevard Clamp, connects two horizontal chain link fence rails. Its galvanized finish to ward off rust.

Details:-Post Sizes-1 3/8”- 2 7 8”

RailSizes-1 3/8”- 1 5/8”


Material-Galvanized Steel/Powder Coating

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Description:- Rail end – A cup-shaped fitting used with a brace band to connect the top rail or brace to a post. These rail end cups attach to the rail and terminal post aligned with the brace band for a secure connection of the rail and post.

Details:-Sizes-1 3/8”-1 5/8”


Material-Steel/Galvanized/Aluminum/Powder coated

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Description:- Joins Two Pieces Of Top Rail. Join Non-Wedged Or Plain-Ended Rail Together. Can Be Welded For Extra Stability in Heavy-Duty Applications.

Details:-RailSizes-1 3/8”- 1 5/8”OD



Material-Galvanized Steel

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Tension Bar

Description: – It is rectangular shaped, Tension Bar requires a tension band, and carriage bolt and nut. Tension Bars for chain link fence are used at each post

Details:- Height-47”,59” & 71”




Material-Galvanized steel/Aluminum

Truss Tightener

Description: – Truss Rod Tightness serve a vital function, helping ensure that truss rods are taut and have the proper tension for reliable chain link get function.

Details:- Length-1inch

Width- 1/4”-3/8”


Material-Galvanized Pressed Steel

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