1. A safe, powerful jolt that keeps intruders at bay.
  2. Will accept either a 12v battery or a 220v Mains source of energy.
  3. Great energy efficiency, Low power consumption, Reliability as standard.

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To produce the charge needed to power an electric fence. Energizers exist that can be powered with either AC (plugs into an outlet) or DC (uses a battery, solar panel, or both) electrical current.
Discharge a power jolt of 2000 to 10000 volt, consuming low current of 2-3 amps.

Different models of controllers are available which monitors the
This can be integrated via TCP/IP with a central management software and/or with CCTV or any third party intrusion detection mechanism.

For remote operation of an electric fence energizer.
On/off switch.
Cut off alarm signal.
Generate trigger for charge loss in an

The electric fence wire shall be a 2.5 mm diameter High Tensile wire. On gates and short elevations (25 m or less) 2.0 mm High Tensile wire of the same specification may be used.

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