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Camera management software or any VMS along with suitable video analytics can be used to set up intrusion, where the camera will automatically move to monitor pre-set locations on a schedule. Some cameras can also auto track with proper object type analyzing movement, following a person or animal or car moving in its field of view.

Key Features of Thennal/PTZ/Bullet Security Camera

  1. User-switchable (single) or simultaneous (dual) thermal/Optical video output
  2. Choice of thermal imagers
  3. Human detection range up to 1500m
  4. Robust design rated to an industry-leading IP68/ NEMA 6P/IK10
  5. Advanced privacy masking and image stabilization (optical camera only)

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Thermal/PTZ/Bullet cameras come in a wide range of styles, making them easy to fit into your surveillance system, although the most common form factor is a dome. The cameras are also available in indoor and outdoor models, so you can install a camera in any location.

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