Reinforcement Mesh

technical specification

  • Mesh conforming to IS 1566
  • MMOC- Plain bars and ribbed (TMT /TOR)
  • Mesh Size-non Standard engineering mesh
  • Mesh Panel size up to 4m*6m (Including free hangs)
  • Wire Diameter – Up to 16mm
  • Coating-Post Galvanized / Epoxy

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  • The strength and flexibility of welded fabric is crucial in construction and reinforcement of arches and domes, thereby preventing the emergence of cracks in the structures.
  • The flexibility of Welded fabric is crucial in construction of arches and domes where the task of reinforcing would otherwise be very cumbersome.
  • The structural economies of form in Arches and Domes are complemented by economies of steel with light and closely spaced wire Fabric.
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Prefab walls are factory assembled based on your building plans, and enable your construction project to begin regardless of the weather.

  • Respect for schedules
  • Superior quality
  • Trained and qualified employees
  • Optimized installation
  • Adequate tools Minimal time on the construction site
Welded Wire Mesh kolkata


Road Construction time is reduced considerably when welded wire fabric is used instead of traditional RCC

  • Extensively used for quick repairs / resurfacing of bridge decks under congested conditions
  • Closer spacing of thinner wires
  • Slaves steel
  • Reduces slab thickness Ensures crack free lush surfaces
  • Reduces crack developments due to structural moment (En 10223-7), en 10245-
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