Technical Specifications

Our Product conforms to IS 16013:2012 specifications. This product can supplied with customized mesh as per requirement.


  • Lighter and cheaper than concrete
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Easier to construct, doesn’t require technicians and aesthetically looks very good.
  • Gabion baskets and mattresses assembled from welded wire mesh have a dimensional accuracy of better than 0.5 percent versus typical tolerance of plus/minus 5.0 percent for twisted mesh.

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Gabions banks are constructed to protect the sea-coast or the River Coast against the erosion due to water and waves. Gabions will withstand alternative tension and compression without losing structural passage of water throughout the structure. Also, they are found to be more advantageous than other gabions in marine and river environment as they are inert to alkaline and acidic attack. They are much more reliable and long-lasting than marine structures constructed using the dumping of stones.

Gabion walls can be built with speed and economy and are particularly suitable for landslide control in the mountains. In-ground liable to subside, the capacity of gabions to deform makes them preferable over a concrete wall.

Gabions Can be used as stacking platform entity for fly over’s and over bridges or slopes against erosion Other uses includes noise-barriers and slit filtration from runoff. The Gabions can be used to protect scouring around the bridge piers and other important structures.

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