8 FAQs (Answered) About Electric Fence

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8 FAQs (Answered) About Electric Fence

  • 23 Nov 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Before you buy and install it, you have a few questions about the electric fence. And we have their answers!

Here are 8 of the most frequently asked questions – along with their answers – about the electric fence:

1. How much power does an electric fence use?

This is a common question from people who are concerned about their electricity bill.

Electric fence does not “consume” a lot of electricity. The flow of power is just maintained with no appreciable current. Only when someone touches the fence, per the output voltage, power will be truly consumed.

So, you can rest assured; it won’t change your electricity bill by any significant margin.

Moreover, you can even invest in a solar-powered electric fence, which is energy-efficient.

2. Can an electric fence hurt a child?

Foremost, a lot depends on the voltage output. If the wire outputs high current, it will leave anyone touching it hurt.

If the output is low voltage, upon touch, the pain or discomfort would be relatively less – it would still there nonetheless.

Regardless of the voltage output, you’re always advised to keep your children away from the electric fence.

3. How long does an electric fence last?

There’s no definite number here.

It depends on the quality of the electric fence, as well as the electric fence company you have purchased it from.

Moreover, a lot also comes to maintenance.

Good quality electric fence with proper maintenance can last up to two decades. The bad quality one with poor maintenance can fail in just a couple of years.

Also, a solar-powered electric fence has its own lifespan; it is considered relatively more lasting.

4. Can electric fence kill dogs?

It depends on the voltage output of the fence.

But irrespective of that, if within the permissible level, electric fence can’t kill dogs.

It can harm them but an electric fence is generally assumed to be non-deadly.

5. Does rain affect electric fence?

Yes, the electric fence may experience faults after rain – but it’s not very common, especially if it’s new and you do proper maintenance regularly.

Arcing or shorting is something you may encounter. If not fixed well, it can even damage the energizer and fence’s battery.

If you do encounter any such fault due to rain, unless you have extensive experience in repairing an electric fence, you should ideally contact an experienced professional.

6. Can electric fences start fires?

Yes, an electric fence can start a fire – but it happens very rarely. To prevent this, you’re asked to spend time in adequate maintenance of the fence, as well as its surrounding area.

A key part of that maintenance work is to ensure there are no grass, weed or vegetation around the fence. This basic measure will take care of avoiding any instance of possible fire caused by the electric fence.

7. Is electric fence expensive?

No. And Yes. Let us explain…

If you haven’t done proper research when buying an electric fence, you might end up with an electric fence company who may charge you high.

However, if you’re informed, you can browse around to pick an affordable electric fence company. And you can even haggle down the price.

So, the key is to do research; if you do, it won’t come at a huge expense.

8. Can a shock from an electric fence kill you?

It’s unlikely, but there’s a possibility in theory – particularly if the output voltage is high.

Notably, it’s not the fence itself that can kill someone – it is often the subsequent injury or trauma that results from it.

For instance, if there are sharp objects around the electric fence, someone may get the shock, fall and hit that sharp object to sustain critical physical injury.

This is why you’re asked to buy an electric fence with output voltage within the permissible limit in your area.

All said though, electric fence is usually considered safe; there has rarely been any incident that resulted in the death. There’s a reason why millions of people use electric fence around the world!

Have more questions?

If you have any question about the electric fence, feel free to get in touch with us.

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