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We manufacture fencing products (chain link fencing, punched tape concertina coil, reinforced barbed tape and barbed wire) conforming to their respective IS codes. Our concertina coil conforms to CQAE/5660/1602/A specifications and Barbed wire and Chain link fence are ISI marked. We follow very stringent quality measures in order to produce fencing material that would sustain and perform in adverse climatic conditions.

With the help of technology, we are now providing fencing solutions as per the customer’s requirements through Google maps. We use it to know the accurate shape, size and position of the land mass which is to be fenced so that our global customers can be serviced efficiently. We can provide a seamless and comprehensive fencing solutions without even visiting the site.

Being an OEM, we can provide complete customisable solutions of fencing which will meet requirements and suit budgets.

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