Electric Fence for Social Distancing in Pubs, Hotels: A Good Idea?

Electric Fence for Social Distancing in Pubs, Hotels: A Good Idea?

  • 18 Aug 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

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(Courtesy: The Sun)

Social distancing is among the key measures in preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, it’s not easy to enforce it everywhere – especially in places that generally get too crowded too easily.

To resolve this issue and keep everyone around safe, a pub owner in England has come up with a unique way. He has put up an electric fence in the front of the bar with a sign that reads ‘warning, electric fence’.

The interesting measure to maintain the social distancing norms has garnered the pub massive attention of the Press. It is based in the village of St Just.

Of course, whether it’s a good way or not to regulate social distancing is something debatable. To that, how effective could it be in preventing the spread of the virus is another thing to ponder upon. However, the pub landlord seems convinced that it’s an effective step. “If I had put a little bit of rope there I don’t think anybody would have taken this much attention as they have to an electric fence,” he said.

Is It Safe?

The electric fence can hurt people. There’s a reason why they are used for security purposes. However, everything depends on the voltage. If the wire outputs high volt, it can give strong jolts, leaving people physically and psychologically hurt. But if the wire output is very low, while it would still give shocks, the shock would be tolerable.

Also, different towns, cities, and countries have their own laws and regulations around the installation of an electric fence. Many places have an upper limit to the voltage output. And then there are also places where installing an electric fence is illegal – let alone installing it in a commercial space that gets crowded easily.

So, even though electric fence can lead people to maintain social distancing out of fear, there certainly are a few other factors you must consider if you’re planning to install it in your store, pub, hotel, or any other place.

Planning to do it?

If you’re legally clear to do it and have weighed on its pros, consider consulting an electric fence company first. They can help you better understand the risks as well as the effectiveness of installing an electric fence in your commercial space to prevent crowding; they will assist you with the right quality fence with adequate voltage output.

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