5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Any Perimeter Security Solution

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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Any Perimeter Security Solution

  • 25 Oct 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

It’s much more than just contacting one of the fence manufacturers and having a fence installed. And it’s certainly much more than just hiring a CCTV camera installation service provider. When you’re looking for perimeter security solutions, there are plenty of factors that should be considered in the decision-making. This is particularly important if you’re seeking maximum security that’s foolproof and without any loopholes, which should usually be the case. To help you with it, here are 5 things you should consider when investing in any perimeter security solution:

1. What are your exact needs?

Just because your neighbors or relatives have installed electric fence doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to do the same. Everyone has their own distinct needs and requirements; their problems and challenges require unique solutions. So, instead of looking at others and what security measures they have taken, you should ideally focus on what you need.

What kind of security and protection do you require on/for the property?

Keep your needs in priority – and not what others are saying and doing – when thinking and planning for your security.

2. The level of threat

This is another important point of consideration. Investing in security equipment and solutions come with a cost. So, your investment should well measure-up to the level of threats you face. For example, if you live in a safe city (or if your property is located in a safe city) that doesn’t record any crime, you don’t want to over-spend on security; meaning, investing in, say, IoT-based security solutions isn’t a financially smart move.

But on the other side, if you live in a city where the crime rate is relatively higher and there are serious threats, betting on high-quality security solutions isn’t optional; it’s almost essential. So, do take your time in gauging the safety threats you, your business or your property faces. Accordingly, take security measures.

3. Worst case scenario

What if the intruder bypasses the fence? What if the CCTV camera can’t capture good images? What if the alarm doesn’t go off?

To maximize the safety quotient, it always helps to work with worst-care-scenarios in mind that can possibly happen in reality. This will assist you to foolproof your arrangements, filling the loopholes that were earlier leaving you vulnerable. So, before investing in any perimeter security solutions, think of how you’re at risks and how the layers of security can fail or be compromised. Take appropriate steps thereon.

4. Quality of your investment

Unfortunately, so many people do not pay much attention to quality. Don’t be one of them! No matter how many security equipments you buy, it’s all a waste if they are not of good quality. For instance, yes, you have installed a fence, but what if it can be cut? What if someone can jump over it? What if the fence rusts and weakens quickly? What if the surveillance camera can’t record the footage properly?

When it comes to the safety of your house, business and family, quality should be prioritized atop. You should only invest in superior quality security solutions that deliver high utility value and also offer advanced and state-of-art features.

(Sure, quality comes at a price, but that’s not a good reason why you should compromise in perimeter security. Besides, if you’re working with a good security solutions company, you can grab good quality fences and equipment at a fairly affordable rate.)

5. The right dealer

Continuing with the last line of the previous point, dealing with a good, reputed and reliable security solutions provider is very important. Not only would they deliver higher quality but also competitive pricing. Plus, irrespective of your needs, they can help with end-to-end integrated security solutions that adequately map to what you require and are looking for. In addition, hand in hand with a good security solutions company, you can even get insights and advice on how you can maximize the perimeter security. The experts can navigate you to invest in right security equipment and infrastructure.


These are five key things you should consider before investing in any perimeter security solutions. Avoid any lags and blunders; this is a matter of security after all. Focus on your unique needs, prioritize quality atop, try to fix every loophole, and deal with the right fencing manufacturer and security solutions company.

Good luck!

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