ALERT: 3 Home Security Loopholes that Leave Your Family Vulnerable

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ALERT: 3 Home Security Loopholes that Leave Your Family Vulnerable

  • 13 Oct 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You think your house is safe. But is it really?

Even when you live in a relatively safer neighborhood and even when you have installed a CCTV camera outside the house, there are still risks. You can never anticipate any threat. So, it’s essential to pull all the right strings to ensure maximum safety of your house and family round the clock.

And given the fact, courtesy of good security solutions company, taking small safety measures have become more affordable and convenient – one has no reason to be careless about home security.

In that context…

Here are 3 home security loopholes that can leave your family vulnerable:

1. Outdated CCTV camera

Many people now have CCTV cameras installed in and outside their home. But the sad part is most of these surveillance cameras are outdated; they lack the features that are required to provide the right level of security.

For the starters, it should have night vision. It should have a higher resolution. It should be able to offer day and night recording. It should offer remote access, feeding live images on your smartphone.

These are some new but essential features that a CCTV camera should have for better surveillance.

Does yours have these features?

2. Poor quality fences

You installed a fence on the wall to prevent trespassing.

But is that fence strong enough to really thwart the intruders? Is it robust enough to sustain cutting attempts?

Many homeowners employ poor quality fences. They can easily be cut. Moreover, with constant exposure to the environment, they rust and get weaker quickly. They can easily be bypassed.

Investing in the anti-cut fence is important. Investing in a better quality fence is important, which doesn’t rust easily and maintains the same strength even after years.

How strong is your fence?

Connect with any of the good fencing wire manufacturers to learn more about good-quality, anti-cut fence.

3. No passive infrared sensor

CCTV can only provide you surveillance watch.

When someone is trying to trespass, you should ideally be alerted. This is where PIR beam sensors come in.

It can detect any intrusion attempt. And upon that, it can set off an alarm. If connect with smart lights and CCTV camera, the sensor can even automatically turn on the lights and enable CCTV camera to click high-definition images.

Does your house has one such sensor installed?


These are three home security loopholes or lags that are possibly leaving your family vulnerable.

Fix them immediately and take control of your, your family’s safety.

You never know when something can go bad. Staying prepared all the time is important.

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