Thermal Security Camera: The Urgent Need of Today (And Tomorrow)

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Thermal Security Camera: The Urgent Need of Today (And Tomorrow)

  • 23 Jun 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

The world has a newer threat. Of course, the risk of intrusion and outbreaks in residential buildings remain. However, the residents now need to also care about SARS-CoV-2. To prevent the transmission and spread of this virus, people with active infection must be barred from entering complexes and buildings (without panic and stigmatization). Fortunately, people have already gotten vigilant about it. For instance, Flir, the world’s largest specialist in thermal imaging technology, said that the demand for its infrared cameras has increased by 700 percent since this event started unfolding. The global thermal imaging market is valued at around $6.5 billion.— Source of information Many market pundits believe this number will touch new heights in the coming quarters as more and more people get aware of the safety measures they need to take against coronavirus.

Stopping the Virus

Now, a thermal camera security systems can’t detect infection. But it can identify people with higher body temperature. And higher body temperature or fever is one of the most common symptoms of this virus. In fact, in Wuhan, where the virus first broke out, the authorities deployed thermal surveillance systems to discover people with higher body temperature. It isn’t the most fool-proof measure – it is, however, one of the first lines of defense in keeping yourself and your family safe against coronavirus. And if you want an added layer of security, deploying drone based surveillance system that has thermal imaging is also a great idea. Of course, this might not necessarily be a cost-effective or viable option for all though. It is particularly appealing for high-end apartment complexes that usually have a big security team and requires constant surveillance.

Install Thermal Security Camera

Install the thermal camera security systems at the main gate of your complex. Install it at the entryway of the building. Install it on your floor outside the flat. Whichever seems safer, viable, and logistically feasible. Make sure the security guard is well-trained and adept to monitor the image and stop those with higher temperature; make sure they have a standardized procedure that they can follow to take the right and prompt action against the possibly-infected people entering the complex or building. A small step like this one can make all the difference in ensuring the safety and security of your family even against the pandemic. And it’s also a cost-effective step. There are many brands and outlets out there that are now offering state-of-art thermal camera security systems at a reasonable price. Find a good seller and install the thermal security camera. In addition, also make your neighbors and relatives aware of it. Because while taking individual action is paramount, it is the collective effort that will help defeat this pandemic.

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