Moving to a New House: What Home Security Steps to Take

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Moving to a New House: What Home Security Steps to Take

  • 05 May 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Congratulations on moving to a new house.

Now, while as exciting as it could be, there are also plenty of things that you must attend to in priority, including home security.

Ideally, thinking about your and your family’s security should begin even before you choose a house to move in. You want to pick a locality that’s safer, has a good track record, and has adequate security measures in place, like police patrolling at night.

But then you already have a new house. Even if you didn’t consider the mentioned factors, you now have to work with what you’ve got to minimize security risks and maximize protection.

In that context, if you’re moving to a new house, here are some home security tips and steps you should follow:

1. Learn more about the locality– This is the most fundamental step. Before purchasing or renting this house, the dealer or broker may have talked positively about the locality. But were they being honest? It’s your responsibility to get more details about this locality. For instance, has there been any instance of burglary here? What kind of people live here? How responsive the emergency services providers are? How safe is this place at night? Find answers to such questions. Get more insights into this area by exploring the streets and learning all the directions and about landmarks. Get to know this locality better.

2. Get to know your neighbors– When in distress, your neighbors would be the first ones who would come to your aid. So, it makes sense to acquaint them. Reach out to them and introduce yourself. Invite them over for lunch. Ask questions to learn more about them, as well as this locality. Like, what they do, how long they have lived here, if they feel safe in this area, do they have any complaints regarding living here, and so forth. In short, become friends with your neighbors. So, whenever there’s any home security threat, you can rely on them for help.

3. Install CCTV cameras– Having security cameras in and outside your house is almost essential now. This is true even for the apartment owners who should install these cameras outside their main door, as well as in the corridors, to keep an eye on everyone who is coming on their floor. CCTV cameras should be installed strategically to cover the maximum area, as well as those spots that are deemed to be ideal to hide. Moreover, the quality of these cameras should be better. For instance, they should output high-quality images. They should have night-vision. All the footage should be remotely accessible and on clouds. So, don’t just pick any CCTV camera you come across. Shop for something better that has advanced, new-age features.

4. Looking at fencing requirement– This is for people who are moving to a standalone house like a bungalow. Fencing is important. Even if the property is already fenced, you want to look at its quality and viability. For instance, if the fence is weak or poorly built, anyone can cut it and enter. Similarly, if the height of the fence is low, criminals can jump over. So, do audit your existing fence and objectively understand your fencing requirement that provides you sufficient security. If you’re replacing the fence or installing a new one, make sure to connect with a good fence company that cares about quality just as much as you do. Also, ensure the fence you’re buying is anti-climb and anti-cut.

5. Invest in door intercom– Who’s at the door? Don’t just rely on the peephole. Instead, install a door intercom with a camera. Through the door intercom system, you can not only see who is outside but even talk to them. This is one of the best ways to secure your home and family as many burglars enter the house from the main door. With a door intercom, you will never have to open your door to strangers. So, shop around for one such solution. The market is exploding with many high-tech home security intercom solutions. Pick one that best suits your needs and budget.

6. Fix the lighting situation– This is one of those little things that make the biggest difference. A house that’s improperly lit (indoor and outdoor) is more vulnerable. It attracts criminals because they can hide and escape in the darkness. So, look at the lighting situation at your house. Are there enough lights outside, like at the main door, garage, and backyard? Similarly, is the inside of your house properly lit up at night? Even if you live in an apartment, you should get together with other tenants and work to ensure that the property has enough lighting outside, on the terrace, in corridors and staircases. The more the lights, the better it is. Today, you can easily find bright, high-quality lights that don’t consume a lot of power and don’t emit too much heat.

7. Get a better quality door– At times, it’s easy to overlook the most obvious things. This is one of those things. You would think people would be perceptive about the quality of their main door but that’s not always true. The new house you’re moving to, audit the quality of the main door. Is it strong enough? Can it thwart any attempt of intrusion? Can it survive extensive force pushed against it? If not, you should get it replaced. A double-layer door can be a great choice here; it can offer you added security.

These are 7 home security tips and steps you should follow if you’re moving to a new house.

Of course, there are several other aspects as well you should keep in mind, like securing the windows, asking for IDs of every stranger at door (through intercom), and educating the family members about home security.

As mentioned, moving to a new house can be exciting. But don’t let that excitement result in laxity around home security. Be careful, take adequate measures, and keep your family and yourself safe.

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