Is Wooden Fence a Bad Choice for Property’s Security?

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Is Wooden Fence a Bad Choice for Property’s Security?

  • 28 Sep 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You probably saw it in one of the movies. The house had a wooden fence and it looked beautiful. But is wood really a good choice for fencing? The question is more prevalent when your priority is security. Can wooden fences provide adequate security to the property?

The answer is no!

Great for Aesthetic Appeal

Maybe you want to emphasize the rustic charm of your house, which makes wooden fencing a fitting option.

Wooden fences look great and can add a distinct appeal to your outdoors. But then that’s where their benefits end. They are easy to break or bypass. Even when the quality of the wood is ace and the installation work done is exceptional, wooden fences will inevitably fail you in the kind of security you’re looking for on the property. Similarly, adding barbed wire at the top and/or increasing the height of the fence, two common solutions suggested, still make wooden fences insufficiently secure.

So, if the security of the property is your top concern, wooden fences aren’t exactly the right option.

The Right Option

Wire mesh and metal fencing are usually the best options for home security, great to keep the intruders away. They are strong in built with several inherent properties like anti-cut and anti-climb that add to the layers of security (provided you fence has these properties).

You can even opt for electric fencing, but you may have to consider the legal requirements of installing an electric fence.

It’s worth noting here that doing away from wooden fencing doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re compromising in aesthetics. Today, you will find many fence companies that offer superior quality wire mesh and metal fences in different colors and styles that can adequately meet your needs and deliver your outdoor the right visual appeal that you had in mind all along.

Taking “Extra” Measures

Wire mesh and metal fencing are safer than wooden fences. But that doesn’t mean they guarantee security. For one, you must purchase them from the right fence manufacturer that cares about quality just as much as you do. The height of the fence has to be high enough to thwart any attempt of trespassing. Furthermore, the fence needs to be properly installed and regularly taken care of to avoid early wear and tear.

In all, however, if you want to secure your property, wooden fences are not the way to go,

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