Is Chain Link Fence Adequate To Protect Your Apartment Building?

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Is Chain Link Fence Adequate To Protect Your Apartment Building?

  • 11 Jun 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Security still remains a latter thought in apartment buildings. And those who do care, they heed very little with inadequate measures. For many, building security starts and ends with chain link fence. While the fence in itself isn’t enough, it has its own vulnerabilities that leave residents inside exposed to threats. For instance, it is fairly easy to bypass. The intruders can easily climb across it. Further, they can even cut it to make way. In all, if you’re reluctantly relying on just the chain link fence to protect your apartment building from intruders and criminals, it’s a concern that you must attend immediately. This is especially true if you live in a place where the crime rate is high.

For the starters, the chain link fence itself must be updated. Many apartment buildings and complexes still employ the old, weak, and rusted fences that are showing evident signs of wear. Moreover, these fences lack robust ergonomic to provide maximum security. Get in contact with some top chain link fence manufacturers that offer good quality, new-age fences. Of course, you want it to be strong. At the same time, make sure the fence is anti-climb and anti-cut. Ensure it is anti-rust so that it lasts longer. Many chain link fence companies these days offer varieties of fences for residential properties with many unique properties that provide maximum protection. Pick a good company and contract them.

Chain link fence, along with a strong gate, is the first line of protection for apartment buildings. It’s recommended to follow that up with other basic measures. If there’s no security guard, which is uncommon to find in India, hire one or two. Trained security guards at the gate can thwart any intruder. They can provide active security to keep residents within safe 24/7. If you’re the secretary of the building, consider hiring a guard. If you’re a resident, get along with other tenants and pick this issue in the next meeting.

Following, there are several other steps you should take to enhance the security of the property. Install several high-quality CCTV cameras. If they are already installed, consider updating them. They might be too old. There’s an influx of new-age, advanced CCTV cameras in the market right now. They have wide human detection range; they have thermal imaging; they have image stabilization; they have several other features that add to make them powerful in providing standard security surveillance.

With threats on the rise, it is on to the residents (and other stakeholders) of apartment buildings to up their security preparedness. After all, it matters their and their family’s wellbeing. Small steps – which are cost-effective – are all that’s needed to make the difference. Going back to the original question, “is chain link fence adequate to protect your apartment building?” No. First, it must be updated and better quality fences must be installed that are anti-climb and anti-cut. Next, it must be followed by other security measures.

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