How to Prevent Home Burglary (And Ensure Family’s Safety)

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How to Prevent Home Burglary (And Ensure Family’s Safety)

  • 15 Mar 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Your family’s safety is the first priority. So, no matter how “safe” your neighborhood is, it’s still important to make adequate security arrangements on your property. This may seem like an expensive and hassling process but will little steps, you can put off looming dangers to ensure maximum protection to your family.

Here are three broad tips to prevent home burglary and keep your family safe:

1. Stick to the basics


Get the basics correct. This will ensure a base level security for your home.

Make sure the property is properly fenced with a good quality fence that’s anti-climb and anti-cut. If you don’t have it, connect with a fence manufacturer and get it installed. Ensure the front door/gate is strong that can prevent any forced entry. Keep the area around your house clean so that there’s no viewing-blockade where one can hide behind. Also, keep the outdoors well-lit at night; dim or poorly-lit areas can attract criminals.

2. Embrace security technology


Technology in the home security segment has made a bigger impact than what many people realize. It’s much more than just about CCTV cameras with night vision and remote access. Of course, installing a CCTV camera on your property is important. But you should go beyond to even opt for sensors that would set off upon detecting any intrusion. You can invest in AI-powered IoT home security solutions for the enhanced safety of your family.


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3. Be a part of the community


This isn’t something compulsory but you want it. You never know when something bad can happen. Ideally, you want people around you whom you can count on; people who would be by your side to support you against any security threat. So, do maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. Stay connected with different people in your area. Be there when they need your help. Make time to talk to them at least once a week. If there ever is any burglary attempt, you can count on these people to get up and help you.

These are three broad tips to help you prevent home burglary and protect your family. Remember, those who have their homes attacked, they never expected it either. So, don’t get reluctant and take proactive steps to ensure maximum security to your home and family.

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