How to Install Chain Link Fence?

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How to Install Chain Link Fence?

  • 03 Nov 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Installing a chain link fence is not exactly a DIY thing. Reading a couple of guides and watching a few videos won’t be of great help. In addition to the already complicated process that demands sophisticated skills and needed experience, you may encounter plenty of other challenges on the way. So, you should ideally hire experts to install chain link fence.

But that said, if you want to go ahead anyway, to give you a fair idea on how you can achieve the desired shape of fencing yourself, here is how to install chain link fence:

1. Have a fair idea of what you want– This is, of course, the most basic part of the process. You must have a clear picture of how your fencing should be – the size, shape, and height. This will navigate you to what kind of materials and how much of them you need.

2. Get all the materials you will need– Do some research; start by searching “chain link fencing manufacturer”. Connect with and buy from a good chain link fencing company that cares about quality just as much as you do. There are many other materials you’ll require, including posts, line post cap, top rail, tension bands, tension bar, tension wire, and more. A lot depends on the type of fencing you want.

3. Put up the posts– There are different types of posts. Line posts, end posts, corner posts, blank posts, gate posts, and more. Once you have marked the positions of the posts, which ones will go where, and the distance between each – install them.

4. Attach tension bands– These bands will hold the mesh in the proper position. Slide them over on the corner, end, and gate posts. At the same time, if your fence has gates, you’ll also attach other gate hardware, like brace and hinges.

5. Attach tension bar to chain link mesh and posts– Unroll your chain link mesh and then weave the tension bar through it. Thereon, attach the tension bar with the mesh to the tension band on the posts. You’ll require socket wrench and bolt to lock the tension bar to the tension band.

6. Pull up fence fabric– The chain fence should be as tight as possible so to avoid any sagging. So, tighten the fence properly by weaving tension bar through the mesh. You have to be careful here to not damage or misshape the fence.

7. Taking care of the details– When everything is done, just touch the basics to ensure the final output is perfect. Like, remove the excess mesh, tighten the bolts, tie the fence edges to the rails, thread the wire through the bottom loops, and more.

This is only a basic explanation of how to install chain link fence.

As mentioned earlier, you will certainly face several challenges in the process. Like, what should you do when you need to stop your run of chain link, what to do if you want to attach two rolls of chain link together, and so forth. Plus, if you don’t have the right tools and experience, you will face problems due to inefficacies.

So, while you do have a fair idea now how to install chain link fence, you should still consider hiring experts for this. This is especially true if you want to complete the work quickly and the final result to be “great”.

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