Here’s How Perimeter Fence Can Fail You in Providing Security

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Here’s How Perimeter Fence Can Fail You in Providing Security

  • 15 Dec 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You just installed a fence around your property. It looks great. You’re satisfied with the outcome. And you finally feel you don’t have to worry about the security of your family and valuables anymore.

But then life isn’t perfect… Despite your newly-dawned security, risks still loom. You’re still vulnerable. In fact, the fence might fail you at providing the needed security. Moreover, at times, a fence alone might not just be sufficient for the kind of security you require for yourself and family. We have discussed this in a separate post.

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Here are 5 ways how your perimeter fence can fail you in providing security:

1. It can be climbed over– There are many different types of fence. A lot of them are easy to bypass by climbing over. So, someone may climb over your fence – even if it’s high. An intruder intending to break in won’t care much if the fence is high. They know how to climb over and across easily.

2. Someone can cut it open– There are distinct types of fences that have anti-cut properties. It’s an important feature, highly required today. But it also costs relatively higher. To save themselves from this hike in cost, many people opt for a cheaper quality fence that can be cut. If you’ve invested in such fence that one can cut open using pliers and cutters, you’re not safe.

3. It is not strong enough– Different types of fence have their own potency. Furthermore, quality varies from one fence manufacturer to another. If your installed fence isn’t of good quality – and it lacks the strength and tenacity – it has a fundamental problem. One way or another, it would be easy to bypass.

4. It has weakened– This is especially if the fence is old. Like everything, even fence has a lifespan. After a point, its quality starts declining. It loses its strength. So, inevitably, it fails to provide the same security it once did. If it has been a few years since you installed the fence – and you didn’t invest in its care and maintenance – it may be nearing its end. But sadly, you may not see it, still relying on the old, weakened fence for your security.

5. You’re not alarmed– If you live in a high-crime city, fence is not adequate for optimum security; especially if you have installed poor quality fence. The intruder may have ways to bypass it. And, likely in the middle of the night, when they do break in your property, you won’t be alarmed. That’s a big flaw. This is why, alongside fence, you should ideally also have motion detector and other security measures in action that alarms you in case of any intrusion.

These are five ways how your perimeter fence may fail to provide you with the needed security.

The most important thing to remember here is to invest in a better quality fence. The better it is, the more secure you will be. So, if you’re looking to install fence, find a good fence company that prioritizes quality just as much as you do now. And in case if you have already installed one, audit its quality; if it’s not good enough, you may want to replace it with something better. Remember, it’s the matter of your and your family’s safety. You don’t want any compromise with that.

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