Goat Fencing: What You Need To Know

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Goat Fencing: What You Need To Know

  • 30 Jul 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

If not guarded well, the goats can – and will – leave the field, wander beyond, and eventually go unfound. Fencing the perimeter properly is essential to ensure they don’t escape. But then it’s not as easy as ringing fencing contractors and getting the work done. To ensure a reliable and inexpensive outcome, as well as the comfort of the goats, you are to consider multiple factors.

What Factors to Consider

There exist many goat-proof fencing options, from electric and wooden fence to woven wire and chain link fence. Which one is ideal for you depends on numerous aspects, including the size of the area to be fenced, the strength you want, your own budget, and possible threats from predators.

Each of these fencing options come with their pros and cons; for instance, one can be expensive but durable, the other can be cheaper but with poor longevity. If you lack the necessary know-how regarding this, you’re better off discussing your goat proof fencing requirement with a good fence company in India.

Once you have picked the right fencing type, you will then have to figure out to maximize its effectiveness; how you can successfully keep your goats from escaping, how you can provide them the maximum comfort, and so forth.

Heed to Your Goat-Proofing Needs

Point in case, if there are many goats, you don’t want to cramp them in a small area; they need their space. If you want to install an electric fence, how high or low will its charge be; 7,000 volts is usually recommended for goat proof fencing, but you want to be sure of its limit with your local laws. Based on the breed of the goat, as well as security requirements, you may also want to focus on the height of the fence, head gaps, distance between fence posts, and various other elements.

Again, if you’re not sure about these things, you can discuss them with your fence company in India or one of the fencing contractors that you have hired.

Remember, if you’re going DIY the installation process, fair enough. But if you want to hire a contractor, do more than just a basic Google search of “cattle and agricultural fencing contractors near me”. Do more research so as to ensure you’re with a reliable contractor that can deliver you a desirable outcome.

The Most Important Thing

In the end, the two core considerations that you are to keep in mind are: (i) you have to prevent goats from escaping; (ii) you have to give goats adequate comfort. Focus on these two and the rest will inevitably follow.

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