Celebrities and Home Security: How Do They Keep Criminals Away?

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Celebrities and Home Security: How Do They Keep Criminals Away?

  • 04 Feb 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Houses of celebrities are mecca for their hardcore fans. Thousands of people crowd outside properties every day just to get a glimpse of their favorite star. This brings a lot of security challenges. You never know, in that crowd of loving fans, there could be criminals who are just looking for ways to break into the house. So, these celebrities must always have beefed up security to ensure their family’s and own safety all the time against intruders.

While the precise security measures largely depend on the type of property we’re talking about. For instance, the security planning and preparation of a condo would be different from that of a villa. But that said, there are certainly a few things that every celebrity relies on for maximum home security.

1. Higher Fences


These aren’t your typical fences. Coming from the best fence manufacturers, they are much stronger with multiple layers. Their built is robust that easily puts off any cutting attempt. They are also very high; as high as a storey so that there’s no way of climbing over.

2. More barbed wires around the perimeter


Above the gates and fences – and everywhere on the property where there’s a possibility of someone climbing and jumping over – there are barbed wires. These are high-quality barbed wires, made by a top fence company, which not only prevents intrusion but can also do some serious damage to the person if any cutting attempt is made.

3. CCTV Cameras everywhere


These are a must and you will find tons of CCTV cameras outside and around the property of top celebrities. These cameras are packed with the best and latest surveillance features. From better resolution image and night vision to 24/7 recording and remote access – they have it all to ensure maximum protection on the property.

4. Security alarm with motion sensor


If someone does manage to break into the property, the security alarm comes into action. With the motion sensor, the alarm detects the movement and sets off an alarm, buzzing every one of the intrusion – and possibly scaring away the intruder.

5. A dedicated security team


The bigger the celebrity, the bigger is their security team. And these security guards are highly experienced, capable to handle every type of weapon. They are trained to manage all kinds of situations.  They keep a watch on the property 24/7, looking for even the smallest of security risks.

These are five things that top celebrities rely on to secure their house, themselves, and their family. Now, you’re not a celebrity. But that doesn’t mean you should be reluctant about home security. Always stay alerted and take proper measures in securing your property. You never know who, how, and when someone can break into your house.

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