Away from the City: How to Protect Your House (and Family)

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Away from the City: How to Protect Your House (and Family)

  • 28 Aug 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Not that security threats in the city are any less… But in urban areas, you’re at least close to emergency services. In need, you can always get help from the police – and responsible community members – fairly quickly.

However, if you live in some distant area, the threat significantly rises higher. Taking extra safety measures gets even more important.

So, if you indeed live away from the city, in a semi-urban or rural area, here are five safety tips you must follow to protect yourself, your family, and your house:

1. Light it properly

A properly lit property is less likely to be attacked or intruded.

So, light-up your pavement, porch, the backyard of your house adequately. Ensure there’s enough lighting outside and around your house to spot anyone and any movement.

2. Keep the surroundings clean and clear

You don’t want anything around your house that can obstruct a clear view and play a good hiding spot for the intruder.

So, clear out the surrounding so that you can see in all directions clearly.

(If there are trees, position lights around it strategically.)

3. Install electric fence

Of course, you must fence your property thoroughly with a fence that’s anti-climb and anti-cut.

In addition, to enhance security, opting for an electric fence could be a better idea.

The electric fence that outputs high voltage can do real damage to anyone who’s trespassing. So, it delivers comparatively higher security.

(However, before installing an electric fence, you want to understand the local laws and regulations regarding this for compliance.)

4. Trust CCTV surveillance

Irrespective of where you live, CCTV surveillance is almost essential for everyone who wants sufficient security on their property. This is especially true for those with bigger space.

So, shop for a good CCTV camera that has key features like night vision, remote access, and wide-angle coverage.

5. Go with motion-detected alarm

The PIR sensor is an ideal option here.

Install it outside your house at a strategic position and the detector can sense any kind of movement (of people, animals, and vehicles). After detecting any movement, it would set off the alarm, and even activate lighting systems.

So, in home, you can have peace of mind that whenever someone tries to intrude in your property, you will very likely hear an alarm.


Indeed, there’s a lot more you can do to maximize the security of your property. To that, despite all your arrangements, you cannot fully guarantee anything.

So, while you certainly shouldn’t be in paranoia about safety, you definitely must stay vigilant all the time if you live away from the city – especially if you live in a place where the crime rate is relatively higher.

Basic measures and a bit of extra care can go a long way in securing you, your family, and your house from any kind of intrusion.

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