Stopping Break-in Attempt at Factory: Case Study Challenge

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Stopping Break-in Attempt at Factory: Case Study Challenge

  • 23 Feb 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

A factory into clothing manufacturing was struggling with constant intrusion and regular break-ins by the locals. The factory was based in a distant part of West Bengal that had a relatively higher crime rate. The factory had a team of four security guards. However, less equipped and ill-prepared, they fell short in ensuring perimeter security. Just two weeks earlier, there was a pilfering attempt, wherein a group of raiders entered the premise and made their way to the accountings room. The posted security guards raised alarm, which led to the group of trespassers fleeing the scene. The factory owners reached out to us, looking for a thorough perimeter security solution, wanting to put an end to another such attempt of breaking and entering. While they had the right budget, the challenge of ensuring higher security in a locality with a significant crime rate is big.



The first thing needed was to make entering the premise for the intruders difficult. Except for the mid-rise wall, the factory didn’t have boundary protection. They required high-quality chain link fence that’s robust and strong. In addition, the area that had the gates (at the front and back), it required barbed wires at the top to prevent trespassing. The security team required a robust surveillance system that enables them to keep an eye on the property efficiently and conveniently. Plus, since the break-in attempts have only been at night time, there was a need for CCTV cameras that outputs and captures high-quality images in dark. To make the security arrangements foolproof, PIB beam sensors were configured at the area attached to the main road, which was relatively more vulnerable.



The factory – following the installation of chain link fence, barbed wires, CCTV cameras, and beam sensors – was safer and ready to thwart any intrusion attempts. The arrangements delivered more confidence to the security team in not just keeping the premise safe but also ensuring their own safety and well-being. The perimeter was now 24/7 surveilled through remote-accessible surveillance cameras in a control room. The sensors make sure that any break-in attempt was detected, alarm was instantly raised, and the security team promptly came into action. Months later, the factory has avoided all security threats that it once constantly dealt with for years.

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