Powder Coated Fence: What Are the Benefits?

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Powder Coated Fence: What Are the Benefits?

  • 24 Aug 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Depending on the extensiveness of your needs, installing a new fence can be a costly affair. So, once you have actually installed it, you should do regular maintenance work so as to prevent its decay and ensure longevity.

However, with powder-coated fence, the worries about longevity and quality-sustainability become significantly less. This is why fencing contractors advise their clients to opt for powder-coated fence. And that’s exactly what you should go for as well if you’re looking to fence your space.

Types of Powder Coating

Now, there are two types of powder coating: thermosetting and thermoplastics. Each have their own distinct features and applications. For instance, thermosetting is generally used for fence, while thermoplastic coating is opted for accessories like fence posts, brackets, and anchors. Similarly, while thermosetting coat leaves a shiny finish, thermoplastics results in a plasticy outer surface. The former also provides electrical insulation, which is a big reason why many people go for it despite it being less cost-effective of the two.

In any case, however, whichever type of powder coating you use, they both bring a lot of benefits to the table. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Beats Rust

Whether it’s aluminum or iron fence, rusting is a big problem. Powder-coated fence beats this problem effectively.

Powder coating usually includes adding an extra finish to the surface of the metal. The electrostatically-charged powder is a mash of ground pigments and resins, which is applied to the fence material. Thereon, the fence goes into a heating oven where the powder particles blend and fuses with the surface of the metal. The result is a sealed, smoother, and robust metal finish that’s adept to keep rusting at bay. This adds years to your fence’s life, keeping you away from the cost of maintenance and reinstallation for a long period.

  1. Appealing Aesthetic

For instance, if you’re installing a fence around your house, aside from higher security, you would also want it to look good. You would want it to add character to your property and house. Powder-coated fence fits with this need well.

Per your demand or preference, the fence manufacturer can use different colored powder during the spraying process. So, whether you’re looking for a red or green fence, or may the yellow one, you can have all that you want to add to your property’s aesthetic appeal.

  1. Several Other Benefits

There are several other benefits of a powder-coated fence. For one, it is also weatherproof. The added finish enables it to tackle all kinds of weather – from heat to cold. This further adds to its durability.

As opposed to the fence without the protective layer, the coated fence requires relatively less maintenance. And this is a big advantage given how long (and how much money) can it take to repair and renovate the fence. The large the area, the more inconvenient it gets.

Also, one should heed to the lack of toxins in the powder-coated fence. Remember, while many people choose to paint their fences, paints also contain harmful chemicals. And this is dangerous, especially if there are kids and animals on the property. On the other hand, the powder-coated surface is comparatively safer; it doesn’t include toxins.

Need More Information?

Evidently, powder coating on the fence is highly beneficial for an assortment of reasons. But, of course, that alone shouldn’t be your consideration when planning to install a fence on your property. There are various other factors that you must attend to in the decision-making. So, if you need help, consider dialing one of the good fence manufacturers.

Here, at SK Weldedmesh, we bring you powder coated weldmesh and other fencing materials. We offer both types of powder coating: thermosetting and thermoplastics. Our large and state-of-art manufacturing infrastructure helps us produce the widest range of fencing products and uphold the highest of quality standards, which assure to adequately match the unique requirements of our customers. Connect with us today and let’s talk.

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