Intelligent Fencing Market: During and After COVID-19

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Intelligent Fencing Market: During and After COVID-19

  • 26 Aug 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Due to COVID-19, nearly every industry has been hit adversely. The market is going through one of the biggest economic disruptions in recent times. But then that isn’t to say there doesn’t exist any opportunities. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and we’re going through that ‘necessity’ phase where businesses and individuals are already adapting to the new challenges. This also includes people who are opting for smart fencing over the traditional solutions owing to the former’s benefits, which also marks a positive implication for the collective intelligent fencing market. Notably, the intelligent fencing market was already forecasted to see significant growth. The ongoing pandemic, analysts and brands believe, would have no long-term effect on it whatsoever.

Personal Safety Isn’t Luxury

This maps to the nature of the product well. Sparing on personal safety and security isn’t a luxury expense but almost essential. This is especially true for people who live in cities and towns where the crime rate is high. It also holds true for small and large business owners who would choose higher security on their space, despite how disorderly the economy looks. Albeit it’s worth mentioning that not all security solutions are expected to see the same growth graph. The ones that deliver better value for money, unsurprisingly, would see the better days. This automatically positions intelligent fencing solutions like movement detection sensors for relatively higher growth, even during COVID-19 and, of course, post-pandemic.

Benefits of Intelligent Fencing

Smart fencing solutions are not just more effective in combating threats of intrusions, but they are also more cost-effective in the long-run, as well as in the immediate span. For instance, e-fence with PIR sensor, which can effectively thwart trespassing and detect any possible sign of intrusion, can reduce the cost of employee more number of security personnel. To that, if purchased from one of the good fence manufacturers that assure higher quality product, the fence panels can last much longer. This eliminates the recurring costs of expensive maintenance and replacement of traditional security solutions.

Intelligent fencing products, in addition, if integrated well other security devices like CCTV camera, sirens, and lighting system, can deliver a plethora of other benefits to the consumer, irrespective of what kind of space they are trying to secure, whether a warehouse, playground, villa, or anything else. For instance, IR-capable cameras can automatically raise alarms for people with high body temperature; needless to say, this is even more important now than ever to combat the spread of coronavirus; people with high body temperature are more likely to be carriers of the disease; by using the said technology they can easily be stopped at the entrance and thereon effective safety protocol be followed. So, based on one’s need and overall application, there are numerous advantages of intelligent fencing and its integrated security solution.

Good Days Ahead

So, in the medium and long-run, while fencing products and surveillance solutions will see no effect due to COVID-19 whatsoever, the intelligent fencing market, in particular, is expected to see exponential growth. If you function as a business owner in this industry in any capacity, except for ongoing momentary slump, expect consistent growth in the coming years. Of course, a large part of your success (or the lack of it thereof) will depend less on external factors and more on your own business plan and approach. So, even with blooming forecast, stay careful and cautious of how and where you steer your business.

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