Fenced Your Property? 3 Unexpected Problems You May Encounter

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Fenced Your Property? 3 Unexpected Problems You May Encounter

  • 03 Aug 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Fencing your property isn’t cheap. But now that you have done it though, you would think that’s the end of it and that you’re free from worries possibly for a decade. In reality, that’s not entirely true.

Many property owners think fencing is just a one-time job that frees them up. While they aren’t entirely wrong, things do take a surprising turn when they realize that regular maintenance is a part of the process if they truly want the fences to last long and stay strong all the while.

In fact, if you have just fenced your property, here are 3 unexpected problems you may encounter:

Rust and corrosion

This is more prevalent if you didn’t do a proper quality check before buying the fence and purchased from “any” fence company you came across.

This is also common if you’re located in a city or state that doesn’t have favorable weather conditions.

The fences will start showing signs of wear and tear. And if left unchecked and unfixed, they can weaken, which is highly critical if you have fenced primarily for security reasons.

So, it’s essential to keep an eye on your welded wire or chain link fence for rusting and corrosion. Take proper measures to prevent such problems. Get proactive when you do see early signs of rusting.

Property line dispute

This is one of the biggest problems that many property owners face. And it costs them a big sum.

Before fencing the property, it’s essential to go through the local laws, fulfill all the requirements, and take all the needed permissions.

Similarly, it’s essential to be thoroughly aware of your property lines and not go beyond them.

Disputes with the neighbors or local authorities are common and inevitable if you fence outside the legal boundary of the property. Such disputes can cost you a lot of money and they can be quite hassling.


If you have fenced the property for aesthetic reasons, the discoloration can be a cause of concern.

The fence may start discoloring in just months due to harsh weather conditions.

One, using superior quality paint and painting technique is essential.

Second, regular inspection is another requirement to look out for signs of discoloration.

Overall, the fence should be colored after a defined interval, which, aside from aesthetics, is also important to protect it from wear and tear.

Final Words

These are some unexpected problems you may come across after fencing your property. Of course, there’s plenty more that could go wrong, right from strong winds destroying the fence to fence pole weakening.

So, the key is constant inspection and maintenance. Inspect your fence and take sufficient steps towards regular maintenance. This is essential for your fence to stay strong and last longer.

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