Fence Your Property: A Quick (7-Point) Checklist

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Fence Your Property: A Quick (7-Point) Checklist

  • 24 Dec 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Maybe you want more security; maybe you’re doing it just for the aesthetic purpose. Regardless of your ‘why’, the bottom line you’re planning to fence your property.

This is an important decision that you must think through properly before taking any step. Why? One, because it’s a big investment that would cost you money. Second, once the fence is installed, it’s going to stay there for years and even decades; unless, of course, you’re fine with the cost of installing the fence again.

There are a few questions that you should address beforehand. Moreover, you should have an organized plan to ensure a smooth (and cost-effective) fence installation experience.

To help you in that, here is a 7-point checklist you should follow to successfully fence your property:

 1. Establish your needs and requirements– Yes, you want to fence your property. But there’s a lot more that needs to be considered in that, including – and most importantly – the type of fence you want to install. This ‘type’ will itself depend on why you’re investing in the fence. Consider all the different factors and find out the kind of fencing solution you need.

 2. Spend time doing some research– Once you know what type of fence you need and how it would be installed in your property, spend time doing some research. For instance, if you have decided to go with electric fence, do research to find more about it, like voltage output, how it works, and so forth. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make.

 3. Talk to your neighbors– When you’re fencing your property, it’s not just about you but also your neighbor who shares the boundary with you. Before you dig the holes and set posts, it’s nice to talk to them and let them know about your plan. If they have any problem or they have any particular demand, it can be discussed and resolved beforehand.

 4. Take the necessary permission– In several places, people are required to take permissions from the local authorities before constructing the fence. Find out if you have to take the permission as well. If you do, follow the procedure and take the necessary permission.

 5. Connect with a fence manufacturer– The quality of the fence is of utmost importance here; the fence should be strong and durable. This is where a fence manufacturer or supplier comes in. You want to connect with a fence company that cares about quality just as much as you do; someone who is known and trusted for its superior quality offerings. Take your time to find one such manufacturer. Discuss with them your needs and accordingly place your order for the fence.

 6. Hire a fencing contractor– Time to hire a fence contractor. Now note, the reason why you don’t want the contractor to choose and buy fence of their choice is that they might end up going with poor quality fence, so as to cut bigger profit margin. This is why you want to connect with a good fence manufacturer and buy the fence yourself. Even here, you want to take some time to find a good fencing contractor who is experienced and specializes in the kind of fence you’re going with.

 7. Do a thorough quality check– After the fence is installed, do an instant and thorough quality check. If you notice any problems, get it fixed by the contractor immediately. Make sure the fencing is done exactly to your needs and that the outcomes map your expectations.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

The longevity of different types of fence varies. However, in any case, it should last for years with proper maintenance and occasional repairing as and when needed. So, after fence installation, don’t start ignoring it. In extreme weather condition, in midst of wear-tear, it may get weaker. Consult the fence manufacturer or your contractor and ensure proper maintenance accordingly.

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