Fence Maintenance: 4 Tips to Ensure Your Fence Lasts Longer

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Fence Maintenance: 4 Tips to Ensure Your Fence Lasts Longer

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You spent a lot of money to fence your property. But it has only been three years and the fence already seems to be showing signs of wear-tear. The edges of the mesh have rusted and it looks weaker. While you originally felt confident that it could sufficiently thwart any break-in attempt, you wonder if the fence can provide you that same security.

Installing fence around your house is not cheap. It costs money – especially if you have gone with a superior quality metal fence from a top fence manufacturer. So, ideally, you want to take better care of the fence so to ensure it lasts longer and delivers optimum utility value.

Generally, a metal fence (like steel, aluminum, or chain-link) lasts for more than a decade. But it requires proper and regular maintenance. Overlook it and it will corrode, get weaker, and eventually require replacement. (“Get weaker” is a keyword here; if you have installed a fence for security purposes, you want to look out and ensure that the fence is strong and in good condition. Basic lapse in this department can leave your property, you, and your family vulnerable.)

Here are four fence maintenance tips to ensure its higher longevity:

1. Do regular inspection


This is the most fundamental part of the process. Don’t just assume that your fence is “fine”. Especially if you live in a humid place, your fence will degrade faster. Humidity speeds up corrosion.

So, you should regularly inspect the health of your fence. Make it a point to do this once every month. Check if everything is fine or not; see if there’s any sign of rusting; see if the mesh is breaking/tearing.

Closely inspect the fence and make note of the little details. Don’t ignore even the small signs.

2. Remove the rust or stain


After a point, you will very likely find rust or stain in different portions on the fence (including the fence post). Don’t leave it as is. It will spread and weaken the fence.

There are numerous ways to remove rust or stain. Using sandpaper is the most common way to clean off the rust.

If there’s too much rust or stain – and it would take a lot of time to clean – you can hire professionals to do this for you.

3. Paint it on


Once the rust or stain is gone, a good way to maintain that good state of the fence is to paint it up.

An added later of protective pain will prevent the metal from corroding. It would act as a barrier that prevents the chemical reaction which usually results in corrosion.

Spray painting is a good option. The zinc primer will protect the fence from environmental degradation.

Painting the fence also adds to it the aesthetic appeal, making your outdoor look good. This is another reason why you should paint the fence.

4. Inspect. Remove Rust. Pain. Repeat.


In addition to the steps mentioned above, there’s not a whole lot of things that you’re required to do. If the fence has any other problem, you will usually discover it during the inspection. Accordingly, you should make the necessary fixes.

But broadly put, regularly inspect the fence, remove any rust or stain, and paint it on (either fully or small parts of it that’s affected).

Do this regularly. It is a part of the fence maintenance regimen.

Know when it’s time


As mentioned earlier, a metal fence lasts for more than a decade. If it has been 10+ years already, you should look out for signs to figure if it’s time to replace the fence and install the new one.

That said though, even if it hasn’t been a decade, there could be instances when the quality of your fence can gradually degrade. Like, again, if you live in a highly humid area, the speed of corrosion will be high. Similarly, if you live in a place that gets a lot of wind and adverse climate, the quality of the fence can go south sooner.

In any case, take proper steps towards fence maintenance. And when it’s time, contact a fence company and prepare to replace the existing fence.

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