Examples of Security Concepts: How to Secure Public Properties?

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Examples of Security Concepts: How to Secure Public Properties?

  • 23 Mar 2022
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Perimeter protection and detection systems are used to protect unsecured physical resources against theft, sabotage, and espionage. The correct selection of materials, designs, surveillance methods, and locks is a critical component of any security system.

The key to making this selection, especially when it comes to protecting public properties, is by first doing a risk analysis of the property, outlining perpetrator profiles, and clearly defining the protection goals. Accordingly, you create the right perimeter security strategy.

Here are three examples of security concepts for public spaces:

1. Car park supermarket

The area is surrounded by a fence, which prevents spontaneous intrusion. People can access it only through an entrance, where they have to present identification and use a key to enter. This ensures that no unauthorized person enters the car park.

The limitation is that it does not prevent the theft of cars that are parked in the car park. However, since this is only a risk in a very few cases, no additional measures are required to achieve the protection goal, which is to prevent unauthorized access and spontaneous vandalism.

2. Community facility

The aim is to prevent spontaneous intrusion into the premises. The fence should be planted or provided with hedges or shrubs in order to reduce the risk of falling. Consideration should be given to a video surveillance system (Cameras) covering critical areas such as gates and doors. If there are several entrances, it may be useful to install an access control system.

3. Open depots

Open depots are particularly vulnerable to theft, arson, vandalism, and sabotage. The perpetrators usually act in groups, often with a high degree of professionalism. Furthermore, vehicles (e.g. for construction sites) or machines in open depots are frequently stolen.

Depending on the type of depot, different protection goals have to be considered. This includes the prevention of theft, unauthorized access, or vandalism.

The measures to counter the threats are fences, walls, and hedges (creates physical barriers and prevents access to the depot), lighting (ensures there are no dark corners or blind spots), alarm system (prevents theft and vandalism), and CCTV (allows you to view images remotely and on-site, and record them if necessary).

Final words

Irrespective of the public property we’re talking about, it’s essential that you do thorough research to identify the risks, analyze the profiles of the perpetrators, and protection goals. Once you’re clear on this end, only then can you create a foolproof perimeter protection mechanism.

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