Electroforged Grating: All You Need to Know

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Electroforged Grating: All You Need to Know

  • 06 Dec 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

When the installation of the welded metal grating is necessary, it is recommended to use electroforged gratings. The adhesion between the bars and the crossbars of electroforged grating is much higher than the alternatives, which makes electroforged gratings sufficient to hold more heavy loads.

The Basics


Electroforged grating is a relatively new type of grating material. It is made of ordinary steel bars, which are electroplated in the mold with copper or galvanized.

Electroplating involves applying a thin layer of metal onto a solid base metal by electrodeposition. This process can be used to produce more complex patterns and shapes than are possible with conventional plating techniques.

In the electroplating process, an anode acts as the negative electrode, while the object to be plated acts as the positive electrode. In some cases, a wire mesh can be used for the negative electrode, or for improving adhesion. The cathode is usually made from copper or carbon steel, but it can also be made from stainless steel.

Why Electroforged Gratings


Since it has rich non-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties, along with being lightweight and wear-resistant, electroforged grating is widely used in many fields such as mechanical equipment, construction engineering, and the automobile industry.

Electroforged gratings are common in several industries. They are used as shop floor grating, stair treads, mezzanine decking, and other industrial purposes. In terms of design, they are very versatile. Their small size allows them to fit almost anywhere and the customization options make them ideal for any application.

There are several advantages of electroforged gratings.

  • Rich anti-static properties: The electroforging process causes the metal to bond at a molecular level with the surface of the steel. This gives it anti-static properties that greatly reduce dust accumulation, making it more hygienic than traditional welded gratings.
  • High durability: Electroforged gratings are made from high-quality alloy steel and have a minimum guaranteed yield strength of 80MPa, which is almost three times greater than conventional hot-rolled or cold-formed steel grating. This is possible because electroforging creates an integral bond between the surface of the steel and the sheet itself. The result is a product that will not rust, corrode or lose rigidity at low temperatures.
  • Tougher: The electroforging process creates a dense and hard metal structure that is much tougher than conventional welded gratings. The strength and durability of electroforged grating make it ideal for areas subject to heavy impacts, such as loading docks, vehicle parks, and factory floors.
  • Less expensive: Since it requires less material to cover a wide range, electroforged grating costs less than traditional options. Additionally, there’s no need for multiple layers of materials or coatings because the steel itself is harder and more durable. This means fewer layers are required to provide the desired protection from impacts and wear and tear.

Final Words


Electroforged gratings are made by precision steel forging in a very high-temperature furnace, which imparts to them an excellent metallurgical structure, making them very durable and corrosion-resistant.

Top fence manufacturers test each grating at full width and length before shipment to ensure the offering maps to the highest quality standards.

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