9 Tips to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

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9 Tips to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

  • 16 Jun 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

No matter what home security measures you have taken, unless the locality you live in is safe, you would always be in a vulnerable position.

This is why it’s a collective responsibility of everyone to make their neighborhood safer to mitigate any possible risks of crimes.

Fortunately, this doesn’t require too much energy, money, or anything out-of-the-box on your end. Basic steps can help you and everyone in that area secure the neighborhood. This will subsequently keep your home and your family safe.

Here are 9 tips to make your neighborhood safer:

1. Get to know the people


This is the most fundamental part of the process.

Securing a neighborhood isn’t a one-person task. Everyone should come together to make that happen.

This is why you need to know more people in your area. Become friends with them. Have a casual conversation with people every once in a while.

Invite neighbors on lunch.

Know people who live around you. Build a relationship with them so that you can work together to make the area safer.

2. Identify threats


What are the common threats in your area?

Is there an abandoned house that can be a place for criminals to hide?

Are petty thefts very common?

Have there been instances of burglary?

Are the people reluctant towards personal security?

Identifying threats will help you take appropriate measures that address those threats. This will foolproof the security.

So, take time to find what are a few things that pose risks to your neighborhood. And then work around those risks.

3. Install CCTV cameras


CCTV cameras are almost essential. They form the basic layer of security.

So, install CCTV cameras in your neighborhood. The more the surveillance areas, the better.

Foremost, find out the right places and positions where you should install the cameras. Make sure the placement covers the majority of the area in your locality.

Second, find good quality CCTV cameras that pack high-quality features like night vision and remote access. The new-age surveillance cameras even move and record automatically based on motion detection. So, find a good CCTV manufacturer and buy superior quality cameras.

Installing these cameras can decrease and even eliminate any criminal activity in the locality. And even some crime takes place, the culprit can be caught easily with help from CCTV footage.

4. Bring the community together


This is in continuation of point #1.

A strong community of caring and responsible people can significantly decrease any possibility of crime in the neighborhood. And that’s the kind of community you want to build.

So, make proactive efforts to bring together everyone in the neighborhood.

Organize events and meetings regularly. Celebrate together.

As mentioned earlier, build a sustainable relationship with everyone living around your home in the same locality. This will ensure that whenever there’s any security problem at one house, the entire neighborhood stands up to help each other.

5. Light-up the streets


This is a very basic step that can make the biggest difference.

Dark places are more prone to crime since the criminals can hide and escape easily.

So, how’s the light situation in your neighborhood? Are the streets well lit? If there are parks or any public place, are there enough lights?

Ideally, you want every corner in your locality to be adequately lit and have proper visibility.

So, get together with your neighbors and see if there’s more room to install more lights in the area. If yes, do invest in superior quality, high-power lights that ensure maximum visibility in your neighborhood during the nighttime.

6. Organize safety workshops


Such workshops can help get people aware of possible threats and the necessary steps that need to be taken.

These workshops can also teach and train attendees on how to respond to emergencies, how to be more vigilant and responsible, what steps they must take upon sensing any security threat, and more.

If there has been a rise in some crime in your city or state, that can be addressed too in such workshops, wherein you can discuss what can be done to keep the neighborhood safe against the rising crimes.

So, get together with a few people in the community and organize such safety workshops. Get everyone prepared to take home security more seriously.

7. Stay connected digitally


This could be through Facebook or WhatsApp groups.

Staying connected with each other can reduce the response time if something has gone south.

You can also discuss various security issues at a click of a button.

A transparent and prompt conversation that everyone is a part of can really amp your neighborhood security.

So, find ways how you can stay connected with all your neighbors digitally.

8. Form a neighborhood watch


Neighborhood Watch is a group of civilians that work towards crime prevention in the neighborhood.

Form one such group in your area. Work together to choose a few individuals who are willing to devote some of their time to the neighborhood watch.

The goal of this group will be to educate the residents about personal security, identify possible threats, conduct workshops and report to law enforcement if they suspect anything.

So, get together in the next meeting with people in your neighborhood and welcome volunteers to be a part of the neighborhood watch.

9. Build rapport with local police enforcement


At the end of the day, if something has gone wrong or there are threats, you would report to the local police. (Remember, if you suspect criminal activity, it’s recommended that you don’t intervene yourself; instead, you must report it to the police and let them take care of it.)

So, it makes sense to build a good rapport with the police so that you can reach out to them whenever needed without any hesitation.

Besides, securing a neighborhood ought to be teamwork between community members and police enforcement. So, do complete this team by getting close to the police.

Final Words


These are 9 effective tips to secure your neighborhood against crime.

Yes, it may seem like too much effort but they all are pretty straightforward. And the effort is worth undertaking. After all, it’s about your and your family’s safety.

So, implement these tips, take active measures, and build a safer neighborhood that prospers.

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