8 Questions to Ask Fencing Contractor Before Hiring Them

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8 Questions to Ask Fencing Contractor Before Hiring Them

  • 10 Nov 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You worked so hard to find a good fence manufacturer and procure superior quality fences. Don’t get reluctant when it comes to hiring a contractor. Because no matter the quality of the fence, if it isn’t properly installed not only will it fail its purpose but also won’t last long, bringing you another round of cost in just a few years.

With so many fencing contractors out there, picking one that’s fitting is a challenge for many people. If you’re in the same position, ask these eight questions to those contractors to comb through the crowd and pick a good name.

1. How much is your experience?

This is a very important point of consideration. The more experienced the fence contractor is, the better for you.

Their experience underlines their expertise. In a generalized sense, you’re more likely to receive quality work from someone experienced vs. a new, inexperienced fence contractor.

2. What kind of fencing projects have you undertaken in the past?

If their previous experience doesn’t match a project like yours, that’s not a good sign.

For instance, if they have worked just on commercial properties, asking them to fence your residential property might be a bad idea.

3. Do you have any references?

Don’t just hear them speak about their experience. Instead, ask for their reference and photos of the previous work.

Give a call to that reference and ask about their experience; whether or not they are satisfied with the fencing work and whether they endorse this fence contractor.

4. What’s the process you will follow for the installation?

Depending on the type of property they are fencing, the workflow and process may differ.

So, ask them about the process they would follow to fence your property. Having a clearer picture of what exactly they will do can aid your decision-making.

5. Are you insured?

What if an accident happens? What if they inadvertently damage your property or assets?

Who will pay you for that damage?

This is why ensuring the fence contractor is adequately insured is critical.

6. Will you get the permits?

In some cities, you may require permits to install fences; especially if the height of the fence is beyond the standard margin.

Installing an electric fence requires permission from local authorities as well.

In such a case, will the fencing contractor take care of taking the permission, or would you have to deal with it yourself? It’s best if they handle that.

7. What’s the timeline?

How long will the installation take? How many days would they require?

Ideally, you want to wrap this work as quickly as possible. So, getting a clear picture of the timeline is a good idea. You would want to pick someone who can take care of the installation quickly.

8. How much do you charge?

This is the most obvious question.

It’s worth noting, however, that good quality installation work will cost you more. So, don’t put down the fencing contractors just because they are charging relatively higher. Similarly, don’t go after the cheapest contractors. Weigh their value proposition, experience, and promise for the quality of work. Don’t obsess over the pricing part.

Final words

These are eight questions you should ask a fence contractor before hiring them.

In all, spend just as much energy and attention on finding a good fencing contractor as you did in finding a fitting fence manufacturer.

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