5 Security Lapses That Can Leave Your House Vulnerable

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5 Security Lapses That Can Leave Your House Vulnerable

  • 11 Sep 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You don’t necessarily have to live in a city with a high crime rate to heed to your safety. To ensure your and your family’s security, you should take extra measures anyway.

But, of course, if you indeed live in an area, city, or state where criminal activities are more prevalent – you must very certainly take steps to secure your house better.

In that, while you should know what needs to be done, you should also know about the common mistakes to stay away from, which many homeowners often commit.

Here are 5 security lapses that can leave your house vulnerable:

1. Inadequate lighting outside

While homeowners take a lot of care in indoor lights, attending to even the tiniest details, they show major lags when it comes to outdoor.

A dark or dimly-lit space attracts intruders and criminals more.

So, if your outdoor surrounding isn’t adequately lit, you want to fix that quickly.

Make sure there are enough lights, at strategic positions, that enable higher visibility.

2. Obstructive view

This is another mistake many homeowners do not care about.

If there are objects outside your house behind which hiding is convenient, that’s a bad thing.

Ideally, you want a clear space that you can easily glance around to see if anyone is there or not.

So, take steps to remove the obstructions and clear the view outside your house. Remove that large dustbin; cut the grasses short; get rid of those junks. If there’s a tree, install lights around it to make viewing easy and clear.

3. CCTV camera without night vision

CCTV camera has become a standard measure for many middle-class families in India.

The mistake, however, they make is buying a wrong type or poor-graded surveillance camera.

You need a CCTV camera that has night vision. If not, you’re basically leaving yourself and your family in a rather precarious situation. After all, crimes are more rampant during night time. And if your CCTV camera doesn’t feed clear nighttime images, it’s a big flaw.

Invest in new-age cameras that not only have night vision but also pack advanced features. Connect with a company that offers good CCTV installation services in India.

4. Fence that can be bypassed

Many people install a fence just for the sake of it. They opt for cheaper quality fences that are easy to bypass.

Are you one of these “people”?

How strong and foolproof are your fences? Can they be cut or climbed over?

Inspect quality and see in what condition they are in.

Generally, you should go with anti-climb and anti-cut fences. Furthermore, if you need higher security, you can even go for an electrical fence. Find a reputed fence company and get proper help.

5. No infrared sensors

Okay, the PIR beam sensor isn’t something that everyone might want to have. It is definitely one of the advanced safety measures to secure a property.

But if you can afford it or if the crime rate is high in your area, you should consider getting it.

Infrared sensors can detect any trespassing attempts and set off an instant alarm. The loud alarm can put off intruders, also, at the same time, alarming you about the possible threat.

Lacking such sophisticated, smart, and strategic security solutions, especially if you can afford them (which isn’t too costly by the way) – it qualifies as a security lapse on your end.


These are five security lapses that can leave your house vulnerable.

Now you know, take proper steps towards fixing them.

Securing your house doesn’t have to be such a complex and costly process. Small (and smart) steps can make all the difference.

The above-mentioned lapses will hopefully get you started on the right track into ensuring your family and you are safe at your home.

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