5 Benefits of Powder Coating Metals

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5 Benefits of Powder Coating Metals

  • 13 Dec 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

An electrostatic process, powder coating is used to apply a dry powder coat finish to a wide range of substrates. The powder-coated parts are further processed at high a temperature and pressure for curing the paint film.

The application has a two-stage process. The first stage is to apply the conductive backing (or “paint pad” as it’s sometimes known). It facilitates the second stage, which is to apply the coating itself. The paint pad may be made from a variety of different materials such as polyester or polyamide, and its purpose is to provide a conductive surface that allows the electrostatic charge to be applied properly across the whole of the part.

The powder coating has several benefits over other types of finishing. Powder coating provides a smoother and more consistent finish, which improves the appearance and durability of the product.

We list down some of the key benefits of powder coating metals:

1. Superior corrosion resistance


Powder coating provides superior corrosion resistance. It has better adhesion to steel than other types of coatings. This increases the coating’s resistance to wearing off, flaking, or chipping. Powder coating also offers excellent UV resistance and abrasion resistance.

2. Durability


Powder-coated steel is much more durable than conventional paint systems and can be applied at an optimal thickness. This provides optimum resistance to scratches and abrasion, as well as corrosion protection. The powder coatings are also very smooth in texture and can resist chipping. In many cases, powder coatings will provide longer service life than conventional paint systems.

3. Aesthetic flexibility


Powder-coated metal parts are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, adequately meeting virtually any aesthetic need. The color of the powder is controlled by the process variables such as heating time, temperature, and airflow during the application process. The variety of colors creates unlimited choices for customers looking to match their specific design needs, while the ability to customize colors allows companies to create unique products that stand out from competitors. In addition, powder coating can be used as a decorative finish or as a protective finish for functional applications such as outdoor signs and traffic cones.

4. Ease of Application


The most noticeable advantage is the ease with which powder coatings can be applied. After completely cleaning the substrate to be coated, the surface must be pre-heated to temperatures between 177-260 °C. Powder coats are then applied using an electrostatic spray gun that melts the powder and deposits it on the surface in a very uniform manner. As the powder flows onto the surface it quickly melts and forms a solid film that adheres tightly to it.

5. Environment-friendly


Powder coating is environmentally friendly because of its reduced VOC (volatile organic compound) content compared with conventional paint systems and solvent-based products. This reduced VOC content can reduce air pollution during the application and disposal of waste products.

Final Words


Like all materials and all finishing processes, powder coatings have limits and are not suited for every application. There may be instances where another process or material is more appropriate depending on your specific needs. But when you look at performance, economics, and other factors, powder coating certainly checks all the right boxes.

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