4 Tips to Keep Your Retail Store Safe During (and After) Pandemic

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4 Tips to Keep Your Retail Store Safe During (and After) Pandemic

  • 08 Oct 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

The pandemic-induced lockdowns required retail stores to stay unopened for weeks on a stretch. While things are returning back to normal, there are still places where restrictions, of some sort, prevail.

During these times, and even beyond, it’s important for store owners to adopt rigorous security measures to keep their stores safe. (Besides, there’s no such thing as “good time to care about store’s security”. It’s an ever-on responsibility, demanding the attention of business owners.)

If you have a store, here are a few tips to keep it safe during and after the pandemic:

Invest in a good quality lock


Unsurprisingly, this is the most important thing in this whole process. But what’s surprising is just how many store owners undermine this, settling for poor-quality locks. You don’t want to be one of them!

Investing in a superior lock system for your store.

Today, you will also find many smart door or shutter lock solutions that can be connected to your phone. If tried to be meddled with, these locks can send you alerts on your phone; they can even set off the alarm, alerting everyone in the nearby area.

In any case, whether smart or not, you want the best lock for your store. So, don’t settle for anything less just because it was more affordable.

Get remote-access CCTV cameras


CCTV cameras are a must now! But that’s not where it ends. You want surveillance cameras that are packed with advanced features and smart capabilities.

One of the features should be remote access. You should be able to watch the real-time footage of your store/outside on your phone or another device. This will deliver you peace of mind, always allowing you to keep an eye on your store.

CCTV cameras, in general, will put off many criminals from breaking into your store. So, do invest in good quality CCTV cameras that also have night vision.

Report suspicious activities


If there have been instances of petty crimes in the area where your store is located, or if you have noticed any suspicious activity, raise the alarm.

Report these incidents and activities to the local authority.

Furthermore, let other people in the area know about these as well. The more awareness there is, the more vigilant everyone will be. And this will add a layer of security for your store, as well as in the whole area in general.

Stay in touch with your store “neighbors”


It helps if you’re on good terms with the other store owners in your area.

A community-like environment where everyone looks out for each other and tackles the security problems together plays a critical role in thwarting possible criminal activities.

So, keep in touch with other store owners in your area; be on friendly terms with everyone for that matter in the area where your store is located.

Final Words


These are four simple tips to keep your store safe during and after this pandemic.

In addition, based on the type of store you own, the location, and other factors, you may have to take more security measures.

For instance, if your store has open space, you may want to install a fence; you can even install a smart fence that will set off an alarm upon detecting any intrusion. Connect with a good fence manufacturer.

Similarly, if you sell expensive items and there have been reports of burglaries in the area, you may even choose to hire a security guard.

So, audit the overall security requirements of your store based on different factors. Accordingly, take appropriate steps.

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