4 Things to Learn from Families Whose House Has Been Robbed

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4 Things to Learn from Families Whose House Has Been Robbed

  • 31 Oct 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Yes, it’s unfortunate that their house got robbed. But on your part, you can draw several lessons from others’ incidents and take appropriate measures accordingly to keep your house safer.

Admittedly, every such incident is unique. The homes are different; some involve “robbers” who the victim knew already, others are armed robbery. Some could be the result of growing crime in the city, others are led due to the homeowners’ own carelessness. So, again, these incidents are unique in a sense. But they also share some common elements that contribute to the hapless outcome.

In that, here are four things you can learn from families whose house has been robbed:

1. Never discount the risks


No neighborhood, city, or town is exempt from the possibility of crime. Even if you purchased a home in a posh area assuming that it’s “safer”, you could be exposed to threats.

So, no matter where you live and what’s the track record of that place, never discount the risks of your house getting robbed. This doesn’t mean you have to be in fear all the time. It simply calls in for higher alertness and caution. It means never get reluctant or careless about your home security.

2. Fencing is the most important first-line barrier


This is important for independent homeowners. Your property must be enclosed with fences.

Remember, many such robbing incidents take place when the criminals don’t find the first few lines of barriers. When they deem robbing a house easy, they will rob it. Contrarily, if they find the task to be difficult or challenging, they may leave. Fences add that layer of difficulty or challenge, which prevents criminals from invading the property easily. And if the fence is of good quality and is installed correctly, the task becomes almost impossible.

So, as a priority, fence up your property. Invest in good-quality fences that have anti-climb and anti-cut properties. Get connected to any reputed fence manufacturer and fence contractor.

3. Install more than one CCTV camera


There’s a common theme among houses that get robbed. Most of them don’t have CCTV cameras. And those that do have, they only have one CCTV camera. Don’t make the same mistake.

For one, CCTV cameras are almost essential now. Further, you need more than one. The bigger the house is, the more surveillance cameras you should install. The placement or positioning of these cameras should be strategic so that they cover a wider (and key) area.

Also, make sure the CCTV cameras you buy have good features like night vision, remote access, cloud storage, and audio recording.

4. Know what to do after


You took all the home security measures, but that doesn’t guarantee you 100 percent safety. There’s always the risk of something getting wrong; there’s always the risk of home invasion and robbery. This is why it’s good to have a defined plan of what you’re going to do next if something bad happens.

Many homeowners, after the robbery, feel helpless and clueless. Their subsequent inaction or lack of proactive approach diminishes the chances of criminals getting caught and stolen items getting recovered. Their inaction also leads to problems and delays in insurance claims.

So, again, have a proper plan of what you would do next if your house has been robbed.

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Final Words


There’s something to learn even from bad experiences. Others’ mistakes in terms of home security are a trail of lessons for you.

The mentioned are a few of the lessons you can learn from those whose houses got robbed. Learn and take adequate measures to address the gaps in your own home security arrangements.

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