3 Things Your Building Security Guard Needs to Protect Your Family Better

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3 Things Your Building Security Guard Needs to Protect Your Family Better

  • 16 Sep 2020
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

In an article on the Hindustan Times, Major (Retd.) TC Rao – who is in the business of private security – said, “Almost 90% of the gun-wielding security personnel do not know how to operate a gun. They are not supposed to load the gun, as it is for self-defence purposes.” The article dates back to August 2012 and is titled ‘Security guards still untrained, ill-equipped’.

A lot of time has passed since then and few people can state, if any, that things have improved now. There’s no empirical evidence. Lack of proper laws and guidelines in the private security sector remains a big problem. What’s worse, the crime rate in India is increasing; in 2018, it increased by 1.3 per cent.

So, just hiring one or a few security guards to watch the main entrance of your building doesn’t get the job done. It has numerous loopholes. Vulnerabilities still exist. And your family and you, as well as others in the building, are still not adequately covered. To ensure the desired or above-par protection, there’s still a host of additional things that need to be taken care of; there’s a lot you must do to ensure your security guards are protecting your family better.

How? What?

Here are 3 things your building security guards require to protect your family and everyone else in the building in a much better way:

1. Proper training– If you have hired someone as a guard based on some referral who’s not from any security agency (something that isn’t recommended but is still very common in India), it is your responsibility to ensure they are trained well. So, invest in training and equipping them properly. And if you’ve hired a guard through a security agency, make sure that agency is adequately spending in the up-skilling and well-being of the guard. The more trained they are, the better will they be prepared to tackle any unwanted situation.

2. Friendly technology– Technology doesn’t eliminate human security. It adds to the latter’s arsenal. So, look to it that your security guard is equipped with the right security and surveillance solutions. For instance, CCTV cameras are now almost essential. Make these cameras available to your guard. Make sure these CCTV cameras are of high quality with night vision, remote accessibility, and wide-angle video capturing ability. Get in touch with one of the good CCTV installation companies in India. Similarly, owing to the pandemic, hand them a handheld thermal camera to prevent the entry of anyone who has high body temperature, a common symptom of COVID-19. Then there are electric fence, PIR beam sensors, and other security and surveillance products you can invest in, as and how needed. Consult a good security solutions company. If your guard is getting proper help from friendly technology, they can protect everyone much better.

3. Everyone’s cooperation– This is quite straightforward and essential. Complete security of your family, you and everyone in the building – it’s a teamwork. You cannot completely rely on one or a few people just because you’re paying them. Your guards require everyone’s cooperation and support. If, for example, they want to introduce some new measure that can possibly increase the security on the premise, listen to them and work around that measure. Listen to them and cooperate with their requests. Again, it’s a teamwork. The better the team is, the higher will be the security.

These are three things your building guards require to protect your family, you and everyone in a much more efficient and effective way.

Heed to their needs and requirements, and increase the security on your property.

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