3 Critical Signs Criminals Can Climb Over Your Fence

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3 Critical Signs Criminals Can Climb Over Your Fence

  • 06 Aug 2021
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Despite the fence, many properties get looted. You have heard the news!

This doesn’t mean fences are ineffective in protecting your property and family. Such incidents only highlight the gaps and leave a trail of lessons for other property owners.

So, while you do have a fence installed on your property, don’t assume you’re completely safe; not at least before doing a thorough inspection and identifying the possible gaps that can possibly leave you vulnerable.

Here are three critical signs that criminals can climb over your fence:

1. Low height

Privacy isn’t the primary goal with the fence. You have installed it for security reasons. So, a 6-feet high fence won’t make the cut for you.

In fact, even an 8-feet high fence could be climbed over by hardened criminals.

So, if your fence has low height, that could invite criminals. It’s much easier to bypass.

Ideally, go for a 10-feet fence. But before ordering such a fence from a good fence manufacturer, make sure you’re aware of the local laws. There are places where there’s a limitation to how high your fence could be. So, find out what your local laws allow before moving forward with any height.

2. No barrier

A hardened criminal that’s determined to climb over can go any length to do that. That means even a high fence can fail to prevent their entry.

This is why the top of the fence should have some kind of barrier. So that while the criminal did climb up, they can’t jump over due to this barrier.

Barbed wire is the most preferred option here. Barbed wire at the top of the fence makes it almost impossible for criminals to climb over.

So, if you don’t have one such barrier, understand that you’re not fully protected and that criminals can climb over and break in.

3. No CCTV camera

Installing CCTV cameras on your property is now a pretty standard security measure.

This almost makes it impossible for anyone to enter your property illegally. That’s because very few criminals would take the hassle of climbing up, cutting barbed wire, and entering the property only to have their faces captured on the surveillance camera.

And if the camera is attached to a motion detector, the intrusion can set the alarm on, alerting everyone on the property and outside.

So, CCTV cameras along the line of the fence ensure maximum safety.

Final Words

Remember, just because you have fenced your property doesn’t mean you’re 100 percent safe. There could still be plenty of security gaps that can leave you vulnerable.

The above-mentioned are a few signs that you should seriously look out for. And if you notice them, take prompt measures to ensure maximum security on your property.

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