Technical Specifications

  • Standard specifications of trays with a width of 600mm and depth of 100mm can take loads up to 300 Kg per meter. It can be increased with further customization.
  • The wire diameter is 4mm(customizable). Mesh Size – 100mm * 50mm (customizable)
  • Our Cable Mesh has been tested in accordance with NEMA standards and Indian Standards.
  • Available in Pre galvanized , Post Hot Dip Galvanized , Powder Coated and Stainless Steel

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Wire mesh cable trays are a lot lighter than regular perforated sheet cable trays and hence cost effective for similar load ratings. It finds its applications in power plants, airports, hospitals, substations, and housing projects etc.

Regular Cleaning of trays is not required as no dirt or waste gets accumulated on them because of its design.

One of the main benefits of wire mesh tray is that its cheaper and quicker to install. The flexibility provided by being able to create fittings on site can be invaluable especially when you consider just how quickly these bends and fittings can be made.

Its design allows for better air circulation and heat dissipation thus reducing numerous potential problems caused by overheating cables.

toppy skwelded mesh

The edge wires are safely T-welded to provide smooth surface for the cables while loading and protects them from cuts due to sharp edges