How Reliable is AI for Home Security?

“Hey Google, lock the door,” you said… But did Google really lock the door? How comfortable would you be in going to sleep without first manually checking if indeed Google did its job and locked the door?

AI technology remains a nice-to-use option for the majority of people. This is especially true in the home security market where many are still satisfied with the traditional locks and safety measures.

How to Choose AI for Home Security?

1. Picking the “Right” Device

2. How it Looks ‘Tomorrow’?

3. The “Real” Concern

Picking the “Right” Device

Google Assistant or Alexa – or use an app on your phone  to lock the door, if the hardware isn’t performing well, the command will fail. It is crucial that you invest in smart home security devices from renowned brands or manufacturers that care about quality.

How it Looks ‘Tomorrow’?

As we move forward, more home security devices will come under the IoT ecosystem. In addition, machine learning will play a crucial role. The AI will then be able to take action based on your patterns and behaviors without any input from you.

The “Real” Concern

The risks would come from cyber threats. Cyber risks will be thwarted by these smart home security devices. Even though they are becoming more robust, advanced, and efficient, cyberattacks are also becoming more sophisticated.


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