Security Checklist for Your New House: 5 Things to Look at

Checking House Security

Security Checklist for Your New House: 5 Things to Look at

  • 14 Jul 2022
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

You’ve moved to a new house… Congratulations!!!


But while you revel this transition, it’s also very important to throw some caution and think about home security.


Basic lapses on your end can call the attention of the burglars, making your house their immediate target.


This is why homeowners should follow a few steps after moving to a new house to ensure their house is completely secure.


Here are five things to look at in your new house:


  1. Strength of your door

Your front door is the first and most obvious line of defense against unwanted intruders. Make sure it’s strong enough to withstand break-in attempts. If there’s a need, be proactive in replacing your current door. Furthermore, be open to installing another layer of an iron door in front of your main door for added security.


  1. Window vulnerabilities

It’s important to make sure that your windows are secure and resistant to break-in attempts. A good rule of thumb: If you can see out, a burglar can probably get in. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors and windows, especially if they’re in your basement or garage. That way, no matter what happens outside, at worst, no one can enter without first breaking a window (instead of sneaking) or entering through an unlocked door.


  1. Perimeter fencing

Perimeter fencing should be the first thing you look at when buying a new home. It is a good idea to have your house protected with a good quality perimeter fencing, as this will help keep intruders out of your property and also give you peace of mind


The type of fence that you choose depends on the size of your property, but it should ideally be at least 6 feet high with a solid stone or brick base. Consult a fencing supplier to learn about different types of fences and which is a better fit for you.


  1. CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras can be installed in both your yard and the house itself so that you’re able to check on your property from wherever you are. Ideally, these cameras should be placed at regular intervals around your property so that they can capture activity no matter where you are. So, if your new house doesn’t have CCTV cameras (or has outdated cameras), buy new ones that have modern features like night vision.


  1. Lighting situation

Lights can be a good deterrent for criminals. A properly well-lit, wherein the chances of burglars getting seen easily is high, is less likely to be targetted. So, from the driveway and main door to hallways to backyards, every space of the property should ideally have good lights. Audit the property and install lights in all strategic areas as needed.


Final words

These are five things you should look at in your new house. Of course, even then you’re not guaranteed 100 percent security. There are so many factors that affect how secure a property is, right from its size to the neighborhood. In general, wherever you have moved and whatever house type you have, be proactive in auditing, identifying, and fixing your home security loopholes.

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