How to Paint Your Metal Fence?

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How to Paint Your Metal Fence?

  • 21 Jul 2022
  • Posted By S K Weldedmesh

Painting your metal fence might seem like a small task, but it’s actually quite a bit more complicated than many people realize – at least if you want good quality and lasting outcome. Let’s take a look at how you can paint your metal fence. Here are the steps:


Remove the old paint

If your fence was painted a long time ago, you may want to remove the old paint before you start painting. To do this, use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any loose paint. Then wash off any remaining paint with water and soap; you can also use a power washer or pressure washer.


Scrub and sand the fence

Once you have removed all of the old paint, you can begin scrubbing down the surface with a stiff-bristled brush. Apply an even layer of pressure while moving back and forth over a section of fence at a time, then rinse with hot water. If you have any stubborn spots, put some extra elbow grease into them by using a wire brush or sandpaper to remove them. You will use this same process until all of the dirt is removed from your metal fence.


Degrease the fence

If you are painting your fence, you need to remove any of the protective coatings that were applied to the metal. This will make it easier for you to paint and prevent corrosion. You can do this using a degreasing agent. You can apply a spray-on degreaser to the surface if it has discolored due to weather in the past. Spray degreaser will also break down dirt and grime so that it can be removed easily.


Use anti-rust primer

Next, apply an anti-rust primer basecoat over all of your metal surfaces. This will give them a protective layer against future rusting and corrosion, which can occur even after scraping or painting over rust spots several times over the years. Primers come in a wide range of colors and types, so choose one that looks best on your fence type and color scheme.


Paint the fence

Now that you have your fence primed, it’s time to paint! There are two different methods for painting your fence: brush painting and spray painting. Brush painting is more time-consuming, but it gives you more control over how your fence looks. If you want to go with spray paint, make sure you use high-quality paint that won’t leave streaks or bubbles on your fence. Be sure to use paint that is resistant to weathering, especially when it comes to salt water.


Final words

These are five broad steps to painting your metal fence. Choose the right color scheme that maps to your house’s theme and adequately beautifies the exterior. While painting the fence can be a DIY activity, you can consider getting help from an expert.

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