best quality electroforged grating

technical specification

  • The bars are pressed and welded together in one process in the pressure welder
  • Bearing Bar thickness is 2mm up to 5 mm. The available bearing bar width is 20 to 80 , with the span up to 3mtrs
  • The actual pressure welding involves electrical heating of the bar material and the subsequent joining of the bars under great pressure at a temperature of approx 1500C, thus ensuring fusion – in other words a spot weld
  • This process binds the bars together in grid. Because all intersections are welded, there is practically no risk that the bars work loose when cutting to size or using the grating without edge bar
  • The gratings are primarily hot-dip galvanized according to BS 4592:1970 but are also available in other finishes, depending on the material of the grating/specification such as painted, sand blasted and Powder coated

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The properties like High bearing capacity with a low specific quantity of metal, great aesthetic appearance, no additional reinforcement ribs makes it a perfect material to use for making walkways

Electro Forged Platform Walkway Steel Grating

Ability to take any geometrical forms, durability, quick interchangeability, environmental safety, and low cost. A grating consists of a combination of bearing bars that give the grating its strength, and filler/control bars. Thus, acting a great replacement for general steel plates removing the dead weight from stair cases.


The Specialty of air and water permeability, no moisture or dirt accumulation at the surface and quick mounting are used to make gratings for drainages.

heavy duty sump square trench drain grating cover

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