MS Angle

The MS Angle by SK Weldedmesh is a structural component specifically engineered for projects that require angular support. Unlike standard steel bars or beams, its unique shape offers additional leverage and stability. This makes it a preferred choice for various structural applications, including frameworks, braces, and trims.


One of the standout features of the MS Angle is its ability to distribute weight evenly across the structure. This is particularly beneficial in construction projects that involve complex geometric configurations or acute angles. The design of the MS Angle not only simplifies the fastening process but also ensures a more secure fit. This eliminates the need for extra brackets or supports, streamlining the construction process and reducing costs.


Durability is another key aspect where the MS Angle excels. It comes with a protective coating specially formulated to adhere to its angular shape. At SK Weldedmesh, we’ve engineered this product to be versatile, meeting the unique demands of various construction environments. Whether you’re working on a commercial building with intricate architectural elements or a residential project that requires non-standard supports, the MS Angle is up to the task.


In line with our commitment to quality, each MS Angle undergoes a stringent testing process. This ensures it meets the highest industry standards for strength, durability, and functionality. From the quality of the steel used to the effectiveness of the protective coating, every detail is scrutinized to guarantee a top-notch product.

  • Commercial Construction: The MS Angle’s unique shape provides extra stability and allows for innovative architectural designs, making it indispensable in complex commercial structures like shopping malls and office buildings.
  • Industrial Use: Beyond weight distribution, its angular design facilitates easier assembly and disassembly. This makes it a practical choice for supporting heavy industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Infrastructure: Besides bridges, the MS Angle is well-suited for other large-scale infrastructure projects such as dams and tunnels, where its strength and angular support are crucial for long-term stability.
  • Residential Projects: The MS Angle is not just for large projects; its unique shape is equally beneficial in residential construction, providing reliable and durable supports for things like porches, decks, and even interior frameworks.
  • Specialized Engineering: The MS Angle’s versatility extends to specialized engineering projects that require custom solutions. Its design can be adapted to meet the specific needs of complex or non-traditional construction challenges. This makes it a preferred choice for engineers and architects alike.


Choose the MS Angle for a structural component that brings reliability and specialized design to the table. Contact SK Weldedmesh today for more information.

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